Munchkin Panic Launch Party!

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Munchkin Panic officially hit store shelves October 8th, but parties are more fun on the weekend, so we threw our official launch party on Saturday!

We invaded Wonko’s and took over the tables in their main store with swag, demo games, and of course, CAKE!

The first 3 demo games were filled instantly, so we added another game. And then another game. We ended up with 6 games of Munchkin Panic in play with every seat filled. This was our highest attended launch event with over 50 people coming by during the night!

The night also featured some very special guests, with Steve Jackson himself, and Andrew Hackard, the Munchkin Tzar, joining our event.

Steve Jackson and Anne-Marie during one of the games at the launch party.

Jarred outdid himself again with a main cake featuring Spyke, the Munchkin mascot, as well as sugar cookie versions of our Monster tokens and a special side cake of the Duck of Doom! As always, the treats were completely edible. Spyke was made from Rice Krispies®, the jewels were melted Jolly Ranchers, and the art for the cookies was printed on a thin fondant. The main cake is based off of the back of our Monster tokens and was a delicious chocolate cake with chocolate ganache and raspberry filling. The Duck of Doom was a tasty lemon pound cake, and as you can see it all went pretty quickly!


The aftermath!

Then it was time for our giveaway drawings. Anne-Marie reached into the box of names and pulled out two lucky winners. The first winner went home with a free copy of Munchkin Panic, and the second winner received one of the few remaining copies of our “A Peek Under the Helmet” behind-the-scenes book on the making of Munchkin Panic.

After a few games wrapped up, the line for autographs began to form. So Steve, Anne-Marie, and Justin took a few minutes to meet with fans and sign copies of the game. Since Steve Jackson has such an amazing history, there were fans who wanted more than just Munchkin Panic signed! Steve was ever generous and put his pen on everything from a new copy of Ogre to an original small-box version of G.E.V.!

The night wrapped up with a room full of smiles (and cookie crumbs), along with many copies of Munchkin Panic tucked under arms. We want to thank Eric and Denise from Wonko’s for helping us put on such a great event and being wonderful hosts, Jarred Prejean for the amazing treats, and both Steve Jackson and Andrew Hackard for helping give our game the best start we could hope for!

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4 thoughts on “Munchkin Panic Launch Party!

  1. Oh my word that cake looks so good!

    Also, congratulations on the launch! I probably should have said that first. But it’s hard to think straight when looking at chocolate cake.

    1. Thanks Naomi! We totally understand how distracting chocolate cake can be.

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  3. This really shows that there are still people who value the things they post on the internet. I truly loved browsing the comments.

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