New Store Locator is Up!

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Having trouble locating a copy of Castle Panic? Well, in addition to being available at select Barnes & Noble stores, as well as Barnes & Noble online, Amazon and other online retailers, we’re also availble at many local hobby stores. Unfortunately, finding those hobby stores can sometimes be a bit tricky.  That’s where the new Store Locator on our front page can help.

If you used the previous version, you know it wasn’t as helpful as it could of been. So we decided it was time for an upgrade! This time we’ve created a custom Google map that shows the location and phone number for game stores all across the U.S. and even one in Canada. Check it out here.

We’ll be making more additions to the map as we verify store locations and add more data to the map. So if you don’t see your favorite game store on our map, contact us and let us know about them.  We’ll make our best efforts to add every store that carries our game.  In the meantime, enjoy the new, improved, fancy AND schmancy new store locator!


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