Origins 2012! Now With More Coupons!

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You are here. Or at least you want to be!

The 2012 Origins Game Fair is less than a week away, and we’re getting psyched! Not only is the show just a general good-time but Bears! is up for an Origins Award as well.

If you’re headed to Columbus, come see us at booth number 907. We’re up toward the very front of the Exhibit Hall, against the right wall. For extra cool points, we just happen to be next to a Doctor Who booth too.

I’ll be there running demos, giving out awesome swag, answering questions, and posing for silly photos. You know, the usual stuff.

Photo by Robert Solow

This year, however, I’ll also be assisted by the awesome and talented Kris and Maureen from Frenzy Universe! Not only will they be teaching you how to play our games but they’ve also created some seriously awesome items for sale.

Convention Special

As if that weren’t enough, we’re also running a convention special on our games. We’ll be selling all our games at a $5.00 discount during the entire show. Yup, every game. It’s a great way to try one you haven’t before or pick up another copy of Bears! (I’ve already told you how awesome a 12-player game of Bears! is . . .)

Missing Out?

What’s that you say? “But Justin, I can’t make it to Origins this year?” Well, that is a shame, but look on the bright side; you won’t have to deal with airport security!

Not to worry, we can help you join in the fun, even if you have to stay home. We’ll be offering the same convention special on our website, so you can get the same discount all the Origins attendees get, without having to wait in line or make eye contact with the guy in chainmail underwear. The discount runs the same days as the show, so starting on Wednesday, May 30th, and ending Sunday, June 3rd, you can save $5.00 on all our games by using this coupon code:


(Make sure you include the dashes)

Share the code with your friends and follow us on twitter and facebook. It’ll be just like being at the show, only you won’t have to wear pants! Come to think of it, not everyone at the show will be wearing pants anyway . . .

If you are going to the show, don’t forget that the Origins Awards are decided by you, the attendees. So be sure to vote for Bears!, and we’ll see you there. Hopefully with pants.


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2 thoughts on “Origins 2012! Now With More Coupons!

  1. Awww, Justin, you mean I have to pack pants? I suppose you have to have rules of some kind. You ARE a game designer, after all. ;)

    We are getting excited here in the Frenzy Universe to get to see you again and play lots and lots of games of BEARS!! At that discount I might even pick up a few extra copies… I gave away most of the 7 copies I originally purchased!

    1. Sorry Maureen, but we have standards. They aren’t high standards, but we have them. I’m psyched too. I’m actually at the convention center waiting to pick up our badges and parking pass. You are too generous with your BEARS! You need more. :D

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