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We finished up the SoCal leg of our WXSW tour last week, and it was nothing short of fantastic. Our whole time in the Los Angeles area has been filled with fun visits to new stores, tons of amazing people, and a heck of a lot of good times. We’re sad to go, but we’re off to Las Vegas for the GAMA Trade Show this week!

This last week was so jam packed for us that we had to split our video blog into 3 parts! Watch them allbelow. We worked on Dead Panic some more, making some changes and even getting in another playtest. We created an ad for our upcoming appearance at ChimaeraCon and took care of some general Fireside business. On Friday we were invited to the Board-of-Games meetup at Card Addiction in Fullerton, and that was a great time. Some of these members had already met us at our Dice House appearance, but there were lots of new folks that hadn’t played our games yet, and we made sure to fix that! We also had a lot of interest in our Bears! tournament. So much interest that we had to split our 20 gamers into 4 semi-final rounds before the final game. Woot! We had too much fun, and it was a great way to kick off our last weekend in the area.

Saturday had us on the road to Pasadena for our visit to the ginormous Game Empire store. You’ll have to see the video to really get the full impression, but it’s a pretty amazing store. Tons of games and even more room for tournaments, open gaming, and other events, like say, having some game designers come and demo all their games . . . We had barely finished setting up when we had players wanting to jump in on our games, and it was on!

It goes on forever!

We met some great people and even had a return visit from some fans that had played Bloodsuckers at Card Addiction the previous night and wanted to get in another game on Saturday. We ran a few 4-player Bloodsuckers games, which are pretty rare, and The Wizard’s Tower took down 2/3’s of everyone that dared try to stand against the monstrous horde. You know it’s a good time when we wind up staying there 4 hours past our end time because we had too many gamers that wanted to play our games. Travis and Chuck were great, and the store really is amazing. If nothing else, go swing by and check out their awesome castle wall art!


Our last store visit was to Comic Quest in Lake Forest, where we met with owners Kelly and Don. The weather was great, so we actually got to run our event outside under their demo tent. We played many demos and made some new fans out of several folks who had never heard of us before. It made for an awesome way to spend our last day in California and only makes us miss it more already. Comic Quest is a great store, and Kelly and Don continue to make improvements with plans to expand the store’s gaming space. Check out my interview with Kelly in this week’s video for some great info.

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