Munchkin Panic


Munchkin Panic is a semi-cooperative tower defense board game for 1 to 6 players. It combines the all-for-one gameplay of Fireside Games’s popular Castle Panic with the all-for-me gameplay of Steve Jackson Games’s classic Munchkin.

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Munchkin Panic is a cooperative tower defense board game for 1 to 6 players. In Munchkin Panic, you must work together to defend your Castle, in the center of the board, from Monsters that attack out of the forest. Negotiate with your buddies to trade cards, hit and slay Monsters, collect Treasure and Trophies, and keep your Castle towers intact. Whoever ends the game with the most Trophy points will be named the Master Munchkin!

Featuring classic Munchkin art from legendary artist John Kovalic, Munchkin Panic merges what you love about both Munchkin and Castle Panic.

Included in the box is the More Munchkin Mini-Expansion. This small pack contains 1 new Castle card, 7 new Treasure cards, 7 Character cards, and 1 major change to the rules: whether the Castle falls or stands, the person with the most Trophies wins!


  • Game board
  • Rulebook
  • 45 Castle cards
  • 28 Treasure cards
  • 39 Monster tokens
  • Monster bag
  • 6 Walls
  • 6 Towers
  • 2 Fortify tokens
  • 1 Flask of Glue token
  • 1 Munchkin D6
  • 6 Reference cards
  • 1 More Munchkin Mini-Expansion

*Includes FREE Instant Gratification promo.

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