The Village Crone


You and your fellow players are medieval witches who have stumbled upon Wickersby, a village without a crone in this worker placement, resource management game with spellcasting!


Designed by Anne-Marie De Witt

The Village Crone Play Icons

Learn How to Play

Download a copy of the RULES. (PDF)

NOTE: This version of the rules is current as of 08-20-2015 and includes the revision to the Unbinding spell.

Read The Village Crone FAQ.

Download a printable patch for the Book of Spells section referencing the Unbinding spell ingredients.

Game Includes

  • Rulebook

  • 1 Broom

  • 3 Love tokens

  • 6 Frog tokens

  • 6 Villagers

  • 6 Binding Rings

  • 6 Plastic stands

  • 30 Familiars

  • 6 Modular Boards

  • 144 Ingredient cards

  • 50 Witch’s Scheme Cards

  • 6 Books of Spells

Wickersby is built from 6 modular boards, with different locations holding the ingredients flour, fire, silver, and soil. Send your familiars out to harvest these ingredients and use them to cast spells in order to complete Witch’s Scheme cards. Each of the cards is worth 1, 2, or 3 points, which also indicates how difficult the scheme is to complete. Make villagers fall in love, turn them into frogs, or teleport them to different locations as you work to complete your Witch’s Schemes. Every scheme you complete brings you closer to the 13 points needed to win and be declared The Village Crone!

The board consists of 6 modular pieces for varied layout and different challenges.

Spell books act as reference guides for Spell effects, Ingredients, Incantations, order of play, and more.

Cast your Spells on the Villagers to achieve your Schemes to gain points.

Place your Familiars strategically to harvest Ingredients for your Spell.


Combine Ingredients needed to make the Spell you want to cast.

Complete your Witch’s Schemes to earn victory points.

Use the tokens to indicate which Villagers or Locations are cast under spells.

The Broom token is passed each round to indicate which player started the round.


Get a Silver Coin Coaster!


Download 3D Printer FIles!

3D printer files for all the components in the game are available to download for FREE!

PLEASE NOTE: Some printing services and/or programs may require you to enter the dimensions for the item to be printed. Please consult the ReadMe.txt file included in the download for a chart of proportional dimensions for all the pieces to fit your game appropriately.

Want to sleeve your cards? We recommend Mayday Games’ “USA Chimera” card sleeves, 57.5mm x 89mm.

The Village Crone FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

We have put together this FAQ page to answer the most frequently asked questions we receive, so you can get back to playing your game!

If you don’t find the answer to your question here, please contact us, so that we can help you get back on track.

Game Play

If you have a question about Game Play for a specific game, choose your game from the list below and follow the link to that game’s specific FAQ page.

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The Village Crone

Download a copy of the RULES (1.2 Mb PDF)

Download a copy of the FAQ (377 kb PDF)

Updated 3/10/16

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The first printing of The Village Crone had an error in the Rulebook and Books of Spells. The correct Ingredient cost to Unbind a Location is 2 of the same of ANY Ingredient.

All subsequent printings have this error fixed, but you can download an updated Rulebook and printable patches for your Books of Spells at

Bound Locations

What happens if a Familiar enters a Location containing the maximum number of Familiars and the home Villager is in a Bound Location?

The Villager is prevented from going home to scatter the Familiars, so scattering does not take place. Note: If there are still too many Familiars in that Location when the other Location becomes Unbound, the Villager immediately returns and all of the Familiars return to the Village Green.

Do players still Tithe if the Tithe Barn has been Bound?

Yes. Binding prevents movement and allows no spells (except Unbinding) to be cast on a Location, but Tithing and Harvesting still occur.

Can you still cast Fortune when the Tithe Barn is Bound?

No. No spells (except Unbinding) can be cast on a Bound location.

Casting Spells

When casting a spell on two Villagers in Love, do you need to pay for the spell twice?

No. When two Villagers are in Love their fates are joined. What happens to one, happens to the other. So you only have to pay for the spell once.

Is there a limit to the number of Protection spells that can be cast by players?

There is no artificial limit. Players are limited only by the Ingredients in their hand. Be careful, though! Spending too many Ingredients on Protection spells robs you of the Ingredients you need to cast spells for points.

Do the discarded Ingredients go back to their respective Locations?

Yes, but only after Ingredients have run out at that Location. Note: Ingredients are discarded into separate piles. Eye of Newt cards are discarded into the Ingredient piles they were used in place of. When the Ingredients for a Location run out, the discard pile for that Ingredient is turned facedown and placed on the Location.

Completing Schemes

Is it possible for a passive Scheme to be completed by another player’s actions OR by the actions of the player holding the Scheme?

Yes. Passive Schemes just need to be complete when a player scores that Scheme. It does not matter which player completed them.

Do all of the conditions on a Witch’s Scheme card have to be true in the exact same moment?

No. All of the conditions on a Witch’s Scheme card just have to be met on the same turn. Some conditions on a card would be impossible to meet at the exact same moment. For example, if a Witch’s Scheme requires the Peasant to be in the Mill and also requires the Peasant to be Summoned to the Forge, one of those conditions would have to be met after the other.

The Thwart a Rival scheme requires you to Bind out of turn. Do you have to pay a Silver to interrupt and another Silver to cast the Binding spell?

No. This card specifically allows you to complete the Scheme out of turn at no additional cost. Completing this Scheme will require you to cast the Protection spell and then cast the Binding spell with the usual Ingredient cost of those spells.

Completing a Witch's Scheme Out of Turn

After paying a Silver to complete a Witch’s Scheme card out of turn, can you continue to cast spells?

No. When you pay a Silver to complete a Scheme, you can Cast the spells necessary to complete that Scheme card and no others.

Can you move a Villager when completing a Witch’s Scheme out of turn?

You cannot use your usual 6 movement since it is not your turn, but you can move a Villager by using a spell.

If you pay a Silver to complete a Witch’s Scheme card out of turn and someone casts Protection to stop you from completing the card, do you have to stop casting spells?

No. If you have the ingredients, you can try casting the original spell again or you can counter their Protection spell with a Protection spell of your own.

Can anyone pay a Silver to interrupt someone who has already paid a Silver to attempt to complete a Witch’s Scheme card?

Yes, you can pay a Silver to cast spells to complete a Scheme card out of turn during another player’s interrupt, but you have to follow the same rules, i.e., pay the Silver and cast spells between their spells not during one.

When you spend a Silver to play out of turn, does that mean you get 6 movement and can cast as many spells as you want?

No. When you spend a Silver to play out of turn, you can only cast spells that complete 1 Witch’s Scheme card. You cannot perform movement or cast spells that do not directly complete a Scheme.

What is the order of resolution when you have more than one player paying Silver to interrupt another player’s turn?

The Schemes should be resolved in the order in which they interrupted the original player’s turn.

Drawing Scheme Cards

When all the 3-point Scheme cards are gone, how do you draw new Scheme cards?

Draw one card from each remaining stack and take your pick like normal. If you achieved 2 Schemes, keep both cards. If you achieved 3 Schemes, keep 1 card from both piles and draw again from the piles, keeping one and returning the other.


When Harvesting, do players with a Familiar at the Tithe Barn collect two cards?

No. A player with a Familiar at the Tithe Barn does not collect ANY resources for that Familiar. The only benefit to having a Familiar in the Tithe Barn is that player does not have to tithe.

Movement & Frogs

What exactly defines when a frog is being carried by a Familiar?

When a player moves the frog with their Familiar, that frog is being carried by that Familiar. Note: If the player does not move that Familiar away from the frog by the end of their movement allotment, that Familiar is still carrying the frog and both can be affected by the Switching spell.

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3D Printer Files for The Village Crone

Posted on 2 Comments

Happy Holidays! If you received a copy of The Village Crone for Christmas, you might be interested to know we have created 3D printer files for all the components in the game that you can download for FREE for a limited time!

Download the 3D Printer files for The Village Crone components

PLEASE NOTE: Some printing services and/or programs may require you to enter the dimensions for the item to be printed. Please consult the ReadMe.txt file included in the download for a chart of proportional dimensions for all the pieces to fit your game appropriately.

The Village Crone Review Roundup!

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Witches aren’t just for Halloween anymore! Find out why YOU should be playing The Village Crone through recommendations from gamers like you in this Review Roundup for our newest game (released September 30).

Dave Banks at Geek Dad flatters us with his comments on the components and gameplay quality, “I really appreciate Fireside’s devotion to quality, both in gameplay and components. Everything looks and feels top-notch, making for a great gaming experience… …I think Fireside is great at coming up with little twists that affect gameplay positively…”

“The game is easy to learn and play, but offers enough depth to keep players interested,” according to Mike N. over at Nerds of a Feather in his recap of the best games at GenCon.

Caylie Sadin from Nerdy But Flirty fell in love with The Village Crone when she first saw it at GenCon 2015, “The game is really fun to play, the art is beautiful, and the theme is awesome.”

She really likes the thematic use of spell-casting in this one: “One of the mechanics that makes the game super enjoyable is that every time you cast a spell, you have to say the incantation too. It helps players get into the spirit of the game.”

You can check out Caylie’s interview with Anne-Marie De Witt, the designer of The Village Crone, over on the Nerdy but Flirty website.

The Domestic Geek echoes Nerdy but Flirty with her praise, “I can’t get enough of this game.” You can watch Brittany’s Unboxing Video and her Video Review over on her blog or YouTube channel.

village-crone-theology-of-gaming-quoteJeremiah from Theology of Gaming enjoys the thinking aspects of the game:

“The interaction is great, the board is constantly shifting, and there’s a lot of guessing who’s doing what and trying to block them, or at least trying to stop other players from moving the pieces you need out of the ares in which you need them. You’re right, it is very much puzzle-like. And I like that a lot!”

The praise for this game is summed up nicely by Ryan Morgenegg over at Deseret News, “The Village Crone has a great theme and beautiful components.”

There you have it, folks! The Village Crone is a worker placement, resource management game with a puzzle-like quality and continually shifting landscape. Learn more about The Village Crone on our information page and pick up a copy at your Friendly Local Game Store today!

How to Play The Village Crone – Videos!

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The Village Crone releases next week (September 30) in Friendly Local Game Stores (FLGS) everywhere in the US. We invite you to immerse yourself in the medieval town of Wickersby and learn about the gameplay with our Official How to Play videos!

Not only do we have a general gameplay overview video, but we also have some break-out videos on casting Spells, moving Familiars, and Witch’s Schemes. Check them all out on our YouTube Channel. You can share the entire playlist for The Village Crone, or just video you think your friends will find useful.

Want to know what different Spells you’ll be casting in The Village Crone? Check out this video that teaches you what the Spells do, what you need in Ingredients to Cast them, and the special incantations you need to give voice to your witchy desires!

What happens when too many Familiars congregate in one place? Watch the video on Movement & Scattering, to see what happens to Villagers and Familiars when the party gets too big! You can even use Scattering to your advantage if you are clever.

Check out our Something Wicked Tour in the New England area if you want to learn to play from the designer, Anne-Marie De Witt. And be sure to visit the game’s webpage for the FREE 3D Printer Files for all the components if you want to add minis to the game!

If you order directly through our website you get the exclusive Silver coaster promo you can use in the game, or ask at your FLGS, they may have snagged a few of this promo at a recent show!


As you prepare to get your very own copy of The Village Crone, be sure to download the Book of Spells patch for the Unbinding Spell error in the first printing.

Happy Spell-Casting!!

Get ready for The Village Crone! Releasing September 30

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Best laid plans often find themselves at the mercy of fate, and a customs hold on our shipment of The Village Crone has put us a bit behind so we are sliding the release date to September 30.

We have confirmation it has been released by customs and is in the warehouse. We need some time to get it logged into inventory and prepped for outgoing shipments, but we will definitely make this new release date.

In the meantime, we invite you to view our How to Play video for The Village Crone, and put in your pre-orders with us or your Friendly Local Game Store.

You may also want to meet up with us on the road as we start the Something Wicked Tour this weekend in Brookline, MA at Eureka Puzzles & Knight Moves Cafe on September 19. You can see the entire tour schedule with dates and venues in our tour announcement blog or by viewing our Calendar.


Don’t forget you can download the 3D printer files for the game components and make your own minis on your personal 3D printer, and if you pre-order through our website, you will get the exclusive Silver promo coaster! (Ask at your FLGS, as they may have gotten a few of these at recent retailer shows.)


We’ll be sharing more game play videos and game reviews as they come in and stay tuned for fun updates from the Something Wicked Tour!

Something Wicked Tour for The Village Crone

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There is a crispness in the air and something whispers on the wind. Fall approaches, as does the witching hour. We invite you to join us as we bring The Village Crone to game stores across New England with the Something Wicked Tour!

Our newest game is full of spell-casting and witchy fun, and releases in September. We are hitting the road to traverse the Northeast United States, teaching new witches how to play and visiting some spooky places along the way.

Anne-Marie De Witt (designer of The Village Crone) and Justin De Witt (co-owner of Fireside Games) will be making the following stops to demo The Village Crone, talk about game design, share promos for the game, and generally be enchanting! We hope to see you along the way.

something-wicked-tour-mapSept 19    5:30-6:30PM
Eureka Puzzles & More
Brookline, MA
Signing Event Q&A

Sept 19    7-11PM
Knight Moves Cafe
Brookline, Ma
Demo night

Sept 20    6-10PM
Pandemonium Books & Games
Cambridge, MA

Sept 22    4-8PM
Compleat Strategist
Boston, MA

Sept 25    6-10PM
Sarge’s Comics & Games
New London, CT

Sept 26    2-6PM
Compleat Strategist
New York, NY

Sept 27    12-4PM
Time Machine/The Portal
Manchester, CT

Sept 30    7-11PM
The UnCommons NYC
New York, NY

the-village-crone-box-3D-left-webOct 1 & 2    2-6PM
Brooklyn Game Lab
Brooklyn, NY

Oct 3        2-6PM
Dragon’s Den
Poughkeepsie, NY

Oct 4        12-3PM
Gamer’s Gambit
Danbury, CT

Oct 6        6-10PM
Quarterstaff Games
Burlington, VT

Oct 11        1-5PM
Crossroad Games
Standish, ME

Oct 13        5-9PM
Diversions Puzzles & Games
Portsmouth, NH

Getting Familiar with The Village Crone

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Beasts that Crawl, Fly, Slither, & Stalk


What witch could succeed without the assistance of her Familiar breed? In The Village Crone, you command your Familiars to assist you in the completion of your Witch’s Schemes.

Each witch has their own set of Familiar tokens that represent their animal minions. The choices you have are cats, bats, rats, snakes, spiders, and crows. If you have a personal affinity towards a particular animal it may bring you luck!


You will get 5 tokens displaying your Familiar’s likeness, you will place 3 of them on the board at the beginning of the game. In order to put the other two in play, you must use the Conjuring Spell.

The Familiars are placed on the board in various locations around the Village for several strategic purposes.

A vital function of your Familiars is harvesting of Ingredients you need to cast Spells. During the Harvest Ingredients phase of a round, you will receive two Ingredient cards for each Familiar you have in a given location. For instance, if you have one Familiar at the Lord’s Manor, you will receive two Silver. If you have two Familiars at the Farm, you will receive four Soil (two for each Familiar).


You may also want to move your Familiars around using your Movement Phase if you need to change the Ingredients you have been gathering to cast different Spells. This strategy will depend upon the Spells required to complete your Witch’s Schemes.

There are spells that require a Familiar to be present in a location to affect that space, such as Summoning or Switching.

An overcrowding of Familiars can occur, triggering a Scatter effect and kicking Familiars out of a specific location. For more details on Scattering, check your rule book page 3.

Whether you prefer cat-like reflexes, a bird’s eye view, or the creepy-crawly vibe of an eight-legged friend, your Familiars will be a most valued resource as you vie to be The Village Crone!



The Village Crone Unboxing and Rules Sneak Peek!

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We’ve been anxiously awaiting the chance to get our hands on a final copy of The Village Crone, so we know you’ve been waiting too! We got our final production sample delivered the other day and immediately made this unboxing video to share:

While it doesn’t officially release until September 16, we will be previewing The Village Crone in demos at GenCon AND have a limited number of advance copies for sale. If you will be in Indy for GenCon 2015, make sure you plan to come by booth 1949 to get an up close look at this beautiful game and its special promo debuting there.

The video wasn’t enough to satisfy your appetite? Check out the PDF of the Rules, now available on The Village Crone information page on our website!


We hope you’re as excited about this game as we are! Stay tuned for information on a special promotional tour we’ll be taking this Fall to celebrate its release.


The Village Crone


Become a witch and enter the medieval world of Wickersby. Place your Familiars strategically around the town to gather ingredients for your spells. Correctly speak the incantations to make villagers fall in love, turn into Frogs, or teleport to different locations. The first player to achieve enough Witch’s Schemes to garner 13 points is named “The Village Crone.”


  • 6 Modular Boards
  • 6 Villagers
  • 144 Ingredient Cards
  • 6 Books of Spells
  • 50 Witch’s Scheme Cards
  • 30 Familiars
  • 6 Frogs
  • 6 Binding Rings
  • 3 Love Tokens
  • 1 Broom
  • 1 Rulebook

3D printer files for all the components in the game are available to download for FREE!

The Village Crone 3D Mini Files

Want to print your own 3D minis for The Village Crone? Download The Village Crone 3D Mini files for all of the characters, familiars, and other tokens to print on a 3D printer! Download includes 3D OBJ files, ReadMe file, and permission to print figures for personal use only.

Figures include:

  • 6 Villagers (1 each of Blacksmith, Farmer, Lord, Miller, Peasant, and Priest)
  • 6 Familiars (1 each of Bat, Cat, Rat, Crow, Snake, and Spider)
  • Frog
  • Love token
  • Binding Ring
  • Broom

PLEASE NOTE: Some printing services and/or programs may require you to enter the dimensions for the item to be printed. Please consult the ReadMe.txt file included in the download for a chart of proportional dimensions for all the pieces to fit your game appropriately.


You will be redirected to the current Village Crone page.

Village Green Board

Have you played your copy of The Village Crone so many times that your board is starting to look a little worn? If you need a new board that features the VILLAGE GREEN location, this item is just the ticket.

This listing is for ONLY 1 BOARD. No other pieces of the game are included.

Villagers Tokens

The six (6) Villagers of Wickersby from The Village Crone are subjects of the Witches’ schemes and spells.

This set of six tokens contains one of each Villager:

  • Blacksmith
  • Farmer
  • Lord
  • Miller
  • Peasant
  • Priest

Plastic stands sold separately