Star Trek™ Panic® Coming May 2016!

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Star Trek Panic Cover

Star Trek™ Panic® will launch in May 2016 and we couldn’t be more excited about this partnership with USAopoly to take Panic boldly where no Panic has gone before!

We’ve been keeping this hush-hush as all the details were finalized and now we can’t wait until May to defend the Enterprise and play as Spock or Captain Kirk!

Check out the official announcement from our friends at USAopoly for more details:

Star Trek™ Panic® Launching In May 2016!

star-trek-panic-3d-box-leftStar Trek™ Panic® will be available only in the US and Canada. Retailers and distributors will order this product through USAopoly’s product lines.

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2 thoughts on “Star Trek™ Panic® Coming May 2016!

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  2. I….honestly can’t tell you how ridiculously excited I am about this!!!!!!

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