Stormtroopers and Sword Fighting, Oh My!

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Okay, so this doesn’t have anything to do with games, but it was just so cool I had to post anyway.  Every March Austin plays host to South by Southwest, one of the biggest Music, Film and Media festivals in the US.  This year, one of my favorite blogs, io9 hosted a free party called the “Texas Timebender” that featured Imperial Stormtroopers, medieval sword fighting, and of course the Nerdcore stylings of MC Frontalot.

Some friends and I were fortunate enough to be able to RSVP and get into the show which was exactly as cool as it sounded.  There were members of the local 501st Imperial Garrison in attendance which included two Storm Troopers, a Clone Trooper, Scout Trooper, Asajj Ventress and none other than Mr. Boba Fett.  The sword fighting duties were handled by two groups, the High Fantasy Society and the Association for Renaissance Martial Arts.

Me and Boba
Me and Boba

I have to hand it to the 501st people. Their armor was incredibly well done, and has me all jazzed up for Halloween already!  The sword fighting was fun and since we have several Renaissance fairs here in Texas, I’m jonesing for a turkey leg now.

This was my first time seeing MC Frontalot and it’s hard not to become an instant fan of his.  Mr. Genius was live on the drums and did a fantastic job with the beats.  They were quite the crowd pleasers and “I Hate Your Blog” may be my new favorite of his.

He's much less blurry in person . . .
He’s much less blurry in person . . .
I also learned that my cameraphone is pretty much useless in dark places like this, so to see what it really looked like, check out io9’s coverage of the event here and see some very pretty pictures.
Thanks to io9 for putting on such a fun, weird, geeky event.
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