Summertime is Game Time!

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What’s that you say? The kids are out of school, the temperature is high and everyone is looking for something fun to do? You know what; you should totally play some games!

Now, we think anytime is a good time for games, but summer really is a great opportunity to get everyone together around the table for some fun. I still have fond memories of spending summer evenings playing games with my parents. It became so much of a habit for us that my friends used to come over to our house to join in. I remember many nights of finishing up our hamburgers and hot dogs and getting out our copy of the old Family Feud game. Moving those little plastic sliders to reveal the right answers was probably more fun for me than trying to guess them.

If you’re looking for some ideas on games, Melissa over at Mommy Living the Life of has put together a great list of family friendly options. Of course it doesn’t hurt that one of her recommendations involves our dice-loving ursine friends, but all these games seem like great ways to get your group together and make some summer memories.

Happy Gaming!

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