Sushi and Doughnuts!

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So while in Portland we almost forgot to go visit Voodoo Doughnut, the most famous and outrageous donut shop around. Luckily we were reminded by some friendly locals in time to get out there. Voodoo Doughnut has been featured on all sorts of shows on the Travel Channel and Food Network for their crazy combinations and toppings they create. Chocolate donut with chocolate frosting, topped with CocoPuffs? Child’s play.

Trying to stay somewhat healthy though we figured we should eat something before gorging ourselves on sugary treats. We happened upon “Hot Pot ‘N Sushi” one of those “conveyor belt” sushi places that Justin can’t resist. Something about having food glide endlessly past is just too much.

We stuffed ourselves with sushi to prevent later stuffing with doughnuts, but we’re not sure it worked. Voodoo Doughnuts giant, pink building in downtown Portland is a beacon of sugary awesomeness. Christmas decorations in the parking lot (all year) and loud industrial-metal blasting over the speakers let you know this isn’t your average doughnut shop.


We made our way to the counter and proceeded to order some of the most outrageous doughnuts ever:

Before . . .

Want to see Justin and Anne-Marie talk about their doughnut experience? YOU BET YOU DO!

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