Table Top Goes Live! Is There Panic Ahead?

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Wil Wheaton’s new online show Table Top hits the internet today and it’s a lot of fun! But what’s this? Could Castle Panic be hitting the table in a future episode?

The concept for the show is pretty simple. Wil Wheaton invites various celebrity-type people from the worlds of T.V., internet, film, his backyard, plays a board game with them and you get to watch!

The first episode has Wil playing Small World with weblebrities (“web-celebrities” did I just make up a new word? Oh yes I did.) Jenna Busch, Sean Plott, plus Grant Imahara of Mythbusters fame. You can check it out on the Geek and Sundry channel on YouTube. The sweet table they are playing on is provided by our friends over at Geek Chic, so if you want one for yourself, you should go here.

Now, you may have gathered that they are going to be playing many games on this show. If you’re a good detective like our buddy Eric Kemphfer is, you may have seen the article about the show and  noticed that there’s a photo of another episode where some weblebrities are enjoying everyone’s favorite game about panicking in a castle. CHECK IT OUT!

Castle Panic on Table Top!
Image copyright Geek and Sundry

Pretty cool huh? Yup, stay tuned (or better yet, subscribed) to Table Top and see how our gamers hold up against an onslaught of Monsters! We’ll let you know once the episode has been posted.

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2 thoughts on “Table Top Goes Live! Is There Panic Ahead?

  1. Looks like the Castle Panic episode will be Episode 6, on June 15! Looking forward to it!

    1. That’s the rumor! We’ll keep everyone updated, but it looks like a good one!

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