TableTop Day is Almost Here!

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This Saturday will be International TableTop Day and it’s going to be crazy big. There are thousands of events planned all over the place and Twitter is buzzing with people getting their game day plans finalized! You can check it out on the TableTopDay website, or if you’re going to be anywhere near Tucson, Arizona, just come hang out with us!

We’re going to be at the RinCon Pre-Convention Fundraiser starting at 10am, then at 4pm we move over to Amazing Discoveries and keep the fun going! We’re hoping to see lots of people playing board games and we’d love to show off Castle Panic, The Wizard’s Tower, Bears!, and Bloodsuckers to everyone that’s interested. There will be special free giveaways at all the events, so even if you can’t make it to ours, get out there, bring some friends, play some games, and share the love!

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