A Little Help With Fighting The Dark Titan

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We’ve been playing the new Castle Panic expansion, The Dark Titan, a lot recently with the official release date, the launch party, and International TableTop Day. We’ve noticed some players appreciate having a little help keeping some of the new rules in mind when they face one of the new Monsters.

We totally understand, these new threats are scary! To help you out we have more than just the Cavalier and Support Tokens. We have How to Play videos!

The official The Dark Titan How to Play video covers it all, but if you need some specific help check out these handy break-out videos dedicated to specific topics. You can also review the rulebook on the pages listed below for each new element.

1. Support Tokens – want a quick overview of how these guys work for you? Check out pages 8-9 of the rulebook and watch this:

2. The Cavalier – this fancy new defender has several special rules that apply to him. You can learn more in the rulebook on pages 4-5 and in this video:

3. The Boom Troll – support is all well and good, but what about those new threats? Learn what the Boom Troll will do in this video and on page 7 of the rules:

4. The Dark Sorceress – She’s one tough lady! Her effects are lasting. You can read about her on page 8 and in this video:

5. Agranok, The Dark Titan himself! – No matter which of the 5 levels of Agranok you face, he is sure to make your day a little tougher. He and his heralds are covered on pages 6-7 in the rulebook and by Justin in this video:

Just in case you want even more panic in your game, you CAN play The Dark Titan with The Wizard’s Tower expansion! That’s a lot of Monsters, but you can do it. We believe in you. For instructions on how to incorporate both expansions in your Castle Panic gameplay watch Justin’s video on playing the two together:

The Dark Titan Expansion Available Today!

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The Dark Titan expansion to Castle Panic is now available!

Look for Castle Panic, The Wizard’s Tower expansion, and now The Dark Titan expansion at your Friendly Local Game Store (FLGS).

Not sure where the closest game store is? Check our Store Locator Map to find one in your neighborhood!

Catch up with us at a show to get the exclusive Level 6 Agranok promo card. For more information on where you can run into us, see our Calendar.


The Dark Titan Cometh to Voodoo Doughnuts

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The Dark Titan has a sweet tooth, so we indulged him with a visit to Voodoo Doughnuts Mile High in Denver.

We’re wrapping up the Denver portion of The Dark Titan Cometh Tour with a little delicious fun. We’ll be heading to Salt Lake City for our first stop there on Tuesday, February 24, at Game Haven in West Jordan, UT.

But first… we took Agranok and his pals out on a little excursion to Voodoo Doughnuts Mile High. It’s no secret Justin and Anne-Marie like food adventures and our Portland Voodoo Doughnuts video is quite popular on our YouTube Channel, so we decided to check out the Denver expansion and see if they stack up. Spoiler: the donuts are delicious!

We were rigorous in our choices of what to try and give each donut a mini-review. We then give you our favorites, and let some of the characters from The Dark Titan have their say as well! Check it out and we’ll catch back up with you all in Utah.

For all The Dark Titan Cometh Tour fun, you can view the tour playlist, or subscribe and always get the latest videos! Want to know if we’ll be in your neighborhood? Check out our Calendar for a schedule of our upcoming events.