Dragon’s Lair Austin Visit

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On June 5th we got to make our first visit to the new Dragon’s Location in Austin. Now, the Lair is an old favorite of ours and we’ve been there many, many times for all sorts of events. However, they recently moved to their fancy new location and we couldn’t wait to check it out! Continue reading Dragon’s Lair Austin Visit

In This Episode, We Visit the Mothership!

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Last Tuesday, we hopped in the Fireside minivan and headed to north Austin to check out Mothership Books and Games. Mothership is one of the newest game stores to appear in Austin, and it’s also one of the more unique ones. Half hobby game store, half LAN center, Mothership is covering all the bases when it comes to fun stuff. Continue reading In This Episode, We Visit the Mothership!

Rogues Gallery Visit

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Just off of I-35 in Round Rock there’s a great little comics and games store called Rogues Gallery. We’ve known Randy, the owner, for several years and they’ve always been good to us. In fact, Rogues Gallery was one of the very first places we ever ran demos of Castle Panic. Continue reading Rogues Gallery Visit

The Wizard’s Tower Release Party!

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The Wizard's Tower Box coverThe long-awaited expansion to Castle Panic is making its way to stores as we speak! The official release date for The Wizard’s Tower is November 23rd, so be sure to check with your favorite local game store to make sure a copy is in stock for you. Continue reading The Wizard’s Tower Release Party!