Whose Turn Is It? Games Gets the Fireside Treatment

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We haven’t lived in Austin for a year and a half, and wow has it changed! Stores replacing stores, demolition and building everywhere, and 2 new game stores! We wrote previously about Mothership, and now we’re happy to introduce Whose Turn Is It? Games. We actually met the owner, Patrick Hanschen, at GAMA Trade Show in Las Vegas this past February and were thrilled to add his store to the tour schedule. The store is nicely laid out, and a gaming space the same size as the store is 2 doors down. A rather large gaming group meets there every Sunday to play new games and socialize. We had a great time meeting everyone. The Bears! tournament was particularly fun. Lots of laughs! Can’t wait to get back and play Dead Panic with them!

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Tribe Austin Visit

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We visited Tribe Comics and Games on June 8th, hitting another one of our “early days” stores in Austin. When we first launched Fireside Games, Justin went from store to store talking with retailers to get them excited about Castle Panic and learning everything he could about the business. Continue reading Tribe Austin Visit

Dragon’s Lair Austin Visit

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On June 5th we got to make our first visit to the new Dragon’s Location in Austin. Now, the Lair is an old favorite of ours and we’ve been there many, many times for all sorts of events. However, they recently moved to their fancy new location and we couldn’t wait to check it out! Continue reading Dragon’s Lair Austin Visit

Houston Meetup!

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Tomorrow we’re heading for Houston and what will be one of our more unusual stops on the West by Southwest Tour so far. We’ll be at the Cafe Express on 3800 SW Freeway, Houston, TX, 77027 where we will join the West U Tuesday Boardgame Meetup group for our usual mix of demos, free giveaways and rowdyness.

It’s still free for everyone to attend, but this time we won’t be in a game store!


In This Episode, We Visit the Mothership!

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Last Tuesday, we hopped in the Fireside minivan and headed to north Austin to check out Mothership Books and Games. Mothership is one of the newest game stores to appear in Austin, and it’s also one of the more unique ones. Half hobby game store, half LAN center, Mothership is covering all the bases when it comes to fun stuff. Continue reading In This Episode, We Visit the Mothership!

Rogues Gallery Visit

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Just off of I-35 in Round Rock there’s a great little comics and games store called Rogues Gallery. We’ve known Randy, the owner, for several years and they’ve always been good to us. In fact, Rogues Gallery was one of the very first places we ever ran demos of Castle Panic. Continue reading Rogues Gallery Visit

WXSW Tour Hits Dallas, Waco, and Coppell

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After a brief hiatus to get some files off to the printer, we’ve started up the West by Southwest tour again. This leg started off in Texas, and on Saturday we were off to the Dallas area at Madness Games and Comics. Continue reading WXSW Tour Hits Dallas, Waco, and Coppell

A Clockwork Robot, a Ghostbuster, and a Master Slayer

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Medical appointments pulled us back to San Antonio, so we took advantage of the timing to attend ChimaeraCon for the first time. And are we glad we did! Continue reading A Clockwork Robot, a Ghostbuster, and a Master Slayer

TableTop Day is Almost Here!

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This Saturday will be International TableTop Day and it’s going to be crazy big. There are thousands of events planned all over the place and Twitter is buzzing with people getting their game day plans finalized! You can check it out on the TableTopDay website, or if you’re going to be anywhere near Tucson, Arizona, just come hang out with us! Continue reading TableTop Day is Almost Here!