Player vs Player in Dead Panic

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Back in March when we were at T.A.B.L.E., I had the chance to teach Dead Panic to J.R. Honeycutt, one of the co-hosts of the DFW Nerd Night and Brian, one of the authors for their review site The Nerd’s Table. J.R. just posted his review and summary of the game, and I think it’s a great example of the kind of experience you can have with Dead Panic.

What made this game special was that J.R. and Brian both decided to role-play their characters to a degree I hadn’t seen before. Oh sure, if you’re playing Al, the construction worker, you’ll be fixing walls, but what if you’re playing Barbara, the convict? What are your motivations? How would you act in a crisis? If you think a board game can’t handle that kind of play, you should think again. Continue reading Player vs Player in Dead Panic

Texas Frightmare Weekend, or How We Learned To Feel A Convention Attendees Pain.

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Last weekend Anne-Marie and I got the chance to attend the Texas Frightmare Weekend (TXFW) up in Dallas. It’s an annual convention dedicated to horror and sci-fi and really lets fans dig into their favorite monster movies by meeting the actors, directors, and special effects stars that make the stuff they love. Continue reading Texas Frightmare Weekend, or How We Learned To Feel A Convention Attendees Pain.

T.A.B.L.E. Was a Blast!

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Last weekend had us up in Dallas for the first ever Tabletop and Boardgame Learning Expo. The expo was created as a way to expose non-gamers to all the fun that our hobby has to offer. We saw lots of new faces and a few old friends as we played demos with hundreds of other gamers. Continue reading T.A.B.L.E. Was a Blast!

Fireside Games at BoardGameGeek Con!

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BoardGameGeek.Con starts this week, and we’re excited to be a part of it again! This annual convention in Dallas, Texas, has become one of the most fun events we do all year and a great way to close out the convention season. This year Justin will be running demos and selling games at booth #313 in the exhibitor hall. If you haven’t had a chance to play Bears! or pick up your copy of The Wizard’s Tower yet, this will be a great opportunity.

As for Dead Panic, it’s scheduled to arrive at our warehouse the week after BGG.Con. That means while we won’t have copies there in-hand to sell, we can take payment at the show for direct delivery to you starting the following week. The cost will be $45.00 ($40.00 for the game, plus $5.00 shipping and handling). If you’d just like to see the game in person, there will be a copy in the BGG library, in addition to the demos being run at our booth. We’re excited to see everyone at the show and can’t wait to get our Geek on!

WXSW Tour Hits Dallas, Waco, and Coppell

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After a brief hiatus to get some files off to the printer, we’ve started up the West by Southwest tour again. This leg started off in Texas, and on Saturday we were off to the Dallas area at Madness Games and Comics. Continue reading WXSW Tour Hits Dallas, Waco, and Coppell

BoardGameGeekCon is Next Week!

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Next Wednesday, November 14th will be the start of BGGCon up in Dallas. We’re always up for playing games with thousands of our friends, but this year is extra special since we will be attending as Exhibitors for the first time in years! Continue reading BoardGameGeekCon is Next Week!

Board Game Geek Convention Approaches!

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It’s almost mid-November, so that means it’s time for one of our favorite conventions of the year: BGG.Con! How can we not love a huge gaming convention that’s a big party and is within driving distance?

Continue reading Board Game Geek Convention Approaches!

Over the River and Through the Woods to Board Game Geek Con I Go

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More demos, this time a 6 player game.

Okay, so it’s not Christmas yet, but I’m still travelling off to a wonderland of sorts. Board Game Geek Con is this weekend in Dallas with day after day of gaming goodness and I’m heading up there tomorrow. Continue reading Over the River and Through the Woods to Board Game Geek Con I Go

BGGCon wrap up!

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BGGCon wrapped up over a week ago and it went great. We’ve eaten more than our share of Thanksgiving turkey since then, and now it’s time to report back. We arrived late on Wednesday, so we weren’t able to set up until Thursday morning. We were sharing our vendor area with the guys from Steve Jackson Games and AEG.  It didn’t take long to figure out that this would be a fun group to hang out with. Continue reading BGGCon wrap up!

We’re off to BGGCon!

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We’re heading up to Dallas tonight to get set up for the start of the BoardGameGeek Convention tomorrow (BGGCon for short).  We’ll be selling copies of Castle Panic, meeting lots of new folks and people we haven’t seen since last year’s convention, and generally having far too much fun than should be allowed in 4 days.

As such, there may be a delay in email responses, but things should be back to normal by Monday.

Hope to see you there!