Rue Morgue Magazine calls Dead Panic “fast-paced and fun”

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Photo of Dead Panic review in Rue Morgue

Photo of Dead Panic review in Rue MorgueIn the latest issue of Rue Morgue Magazine (Issue 144), a publication dedicated to the horror genre in culture and entertainment,  Dead Panic gets a trial and some really nice compliments.

Dead Panic is given a half-page review in the Play Dead feature in which Mike Beardsall talks about the mechanics of the game, comments that “strategy and communication are key…”, calls it “fast-paced and fun” and ultimately gives it 3.5 out of 5 skull & crossbones.

He found the rules a bit complicated at first, but later states, “While the rules may take several play-throughs to master, the sense of panic you feel when an army of zombie tokens closes in around you certainly makes the learning curve worthwhile.”

That cinematic feel is exactly what Justin was aiming for when he designed Dead Panic, so we call that a mark in the Win category!

You can purchase Rue Morgue Magazine Issue 144 at your local newsstand or bookstore. It’s got Godzilla on the cover! (Hint: There’s a coupon code inside for a discount on Dead Panic through our newly updated web store!)


Texas Frightmare Weekend, or How We Learned To Feel A Convention Attendees Pain.

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Last weekend Anne-Marie and I got the chance to attend the Texas Frightmare Weekend (TXFW) up in Dallas. It’s an annual convention dedicated to horror and sci-fi and really lets fans dig into their favorite monster movies by meeting the actors, directors, and special effects stars that make the stuff they love. Continue reading Texas Frightmare Weekend, or How We Learned To Feel A Convention Attendees Pain.

Dead Panic featured in SciFiNow Magazine!

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Wow! Look what we found when flipping through the latest issue of SciFi Now Magazine! We’re so proud that Dead Panic  is getting so much love. You can read more about Dead Panic on its dedicated web page via the link above. If you don’t get SciFi Now magazine, buy it online or check your local bookstore for a copy. (We snagged a copy at our local Barnes & Noble. It’s in issue 91.)

SciFi Now Magazine feature on Dead Panic

Justin Talks Gaming With “Let’s Level Up”

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Our Chief Creative Officer and Grand Poobah, Justin DeWitt, recently took some time away from game development to have a chat with Rick Perez from Let’s Level Up podcast.

This session of the “Mutual Admiration Society” is chock full of geeky goodness as Rick and Justin discuss their shared love of games, Fireside Games’s South by Southwest tour of 2013, the benefits of your FLGS (Friendly Local Game Store), and the importance of being board game ambassadors to help grow the gaming community.

They also discuss the continuing success of Castle Panic (including the effects of being featured on TableTop) and what makes the other games in Fireside Games’s catalog unique and worth adding to your game collection.

You can listen to the entire conversation on Let’s Level Up.

Zombie Party This Weekend

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We wanted to remind all of our Austin peeps (or Texas peeps who don’t mind driving) that the Dead Panic release party will be this Saturday in Austin at Wonko’s Toys and Games. The fun runs from 12:00 to 5:00 with Anne-Marie and Justin both there running demos of the game, along with a special zombie cake, goodies, and even a zombie costume contest. The winner will shamble away with a free copy of the game, so dig out that Halloween makeup!

Ain’t It Cool News Loves Dead Panic!

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Abstruse, over at Ain’t It Cool News Tabletop! recently posted his awesome review of Dead Panic. In addition to liking the increased depth the new game offers, he REALLY appreciates the fact that all the pieces come pre-punched. You’re welcome.

He sums it up by adding: “When you’re playing, it feels like you’re a character in a Romero zombie movie and the added complexity only enhances the game. I know Halloween is over, but this is a game that should definitely be on your shelves.”

You can read the full review on the AICN site. The Dead Panic review starts about 3/4 of the way down.

Dead Panic Has Arrived!

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The rest of the Dead Panic shipment has reached our warehouse! It’s currently making its way through distribution channels, which means you’ll be seeing it wherever you buy games in the U.S. around the end of this week. International stores should be seeing the game about a week or so after that.

We’re excited to have the full release of the game available and are “dying” to hear what you all think of it.

Yes, we did just go there with our zombie game…

Dead Panic Release Party Moved to 12/21

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Due to a scheduling conflict, we’re moving the Dead Panic release party back 1 week. We’re now going to hold the event on Saturday, December 21st, but we’ll keep all the other details the same. The games will be in stores before then; we’re just rescheduling our shindig.

The party will run from 12:00 to 5:00 at Wonko’s Games and Toys, and there will still be zombie cake and a costume contest as well as more undead than you can shake a stick (or chainsaw) at!

Dead Panic Release Party! – UPDATED

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With the games arriving in the warehouse, we are thrilled to announce details for our Dead Panic Release Party! (Update – We moved the event back 1 week from the original date. It’s now scheduled for Saturday, December 21st.)

Where: Wonko’s Toys and Games, 3776 Hwy 183, Suite 116, Austin, TX, 78750
When: Saturday, December 21st, 12:00–5:00 p.m. – *UPDATED*
We’ll have a sweet zombie cake and plenty of copies of the game for purchase. We’ll also have a zombie costume contest, judged by Anne-Marie and Justin. The person with the best zombie costume wins a free copy of the game. The winner will be announced at 5:00 and must be present to win. Come out for some merry, undead fun!

Troll in the Corner Reviews Dead Panic

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Troll in the Corner recently posted their take on Dead Panic. The result? It turns out Trolls and Zombies get along just fine.

In discussing what it’s like to be a character on the board, John Pappas writes, “This provides for a broader decision space, more cooperative play, additional planning and an increased element of tenseness compared to Castle Panic. It also makes it more than just a clone or re-theme. It makes it a deeper and better game.”

When it comes to the Event cards in the game, John says, “This element of drawing event cards pleases me. It pleases me greatly. There is more of a thematic tension created when you don’t know what event is going to be pulled from the deck rather than just pulling the prescribed amount of beasties from a sack.”

John sums it up by saying, “This is another good addition to the Fireside Games line-up which will see plenty of play at my table.” He does a great job highlighting the differences between Castle Panic and Dead Panic, so we highly recommend jumping over to their site to read the full review.

Fireside Games at BoardGameGeek Con!

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BoardGameGeek.Con starts this week, and we’re excited to be a part of it again! This annual convention in Dallas, Texas, has become one of the most fun events we do all year and a great way to close out the convention season. This year Justin will be running demos and selling games at booth #313 in the exhibitor hall. If you haven’t had a chance to play Bears! or pick up your copy of The Wizard’s Tower yet, this will be a great opportunity.

As for Dead Panic, it’s scheduled to arrive at our warehouse the week after BGG.Con. That means while we won’t have copies there in-hand to sell, we can take payment at the show for direct delivery to you starting the following week. The cost will be $45.00 ($40.00 for the game, plus $5.00 shipping and handling). If you’d just like to see the game in person, there will be a copy in the BGG library, in addition to the demos being run at our booth. We’re excited to see everyone at the show and can’t wait to get our Geek on!