T.A.B.L.E. Was a Blast!

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Last weekend had us up in Dallas for the first ever Tabletop and Boardgame Learning Expo. The expo was created as a way to expose non-gamers to all the fun that our hobby has to offer. We saw lots of new faces and a few old friends as we played demos with hundreds of other gamers. Continue reading T.A.B.L.E. Was a Blast!

International TableTop Day and Fireside!

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Last year was the first time TableTop put together a world-wide gaming celebration and it was pretty sweet. This year looks like it will be even better!

This Saturday, April 5th is International TableTop Day, when gamers all across the world will come together to score points, slay monsters, and generally have a fantastic time. We’re going to be doing our part at Dragon’s Lair on West Anderson Lane, here in Austin, Texas.


Justin and Anne-Marie will both be in the store starting at 10:00 to run demos of games, including the prototype of Munchkin Panic, if you’re anxious to get a peek, or even be a playtester!

Everyone who demos a game during the event will be entered into a drawing, to be held at 1:00 where we’ll pick 5 names at random. The winners get to sit down and play a game of The Wizard’s Tower with Justin, and after the game, each player will receive a free copy of The Wizard’s Tower to take home!

At 3:00 Justin will be conducting an open Q&A session, so bring your burning questions and see what goes on inside a game designers head. (Hint, it isn’t pretty, but it’s definitely fun!)

The event wraps up at 4:00, so be sure to get there early and join in the fun!

Castle Panic Gets A Shout Out For BASHCon!

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Jeff McGinnis of the Toledo Free Press just posted a great article encouraging attendees of the upcoming BASHCon XXIX to try some new games, one of which just happens to be Castle Panic. As Jeff says, ““Castle Panic” provides just enough to bring genuine strategy to the process of playing, while being easy enough to understand that even the most casual of gamers can dive right [in].”

In describing BASHCon Jeff remarks, “One of the best parts about the event is the ability for players to share their passion for particular games with other gamers, maybe spreading their love for certain titles to new people and gaining a few new favorites of their own.”

That sounds like a great time to us! We hope all the attendees at BASHCon have a great time and may the dice always roll in your favor!

Zombie Party This Weekend

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We wanted to remind all of our Austin peeps (or Texas peeps who don’t mind driving) that the Dead Panic release party will be this Saturday in Austin at Wonko’s Toys and Games. The fun runs from 12:00 to 5:00 with Anne-Marie and Justin both there running demos of the game, along with a special zombie cake, goodies, and even a zombie costume contest. The winner will shamble away with a free copy of the game, so dig out that Halloween makeup!

Dead Panic Release Party Moved to 12/21

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Due to a scheduling conflict, we’re moving the Dead Panic release party back 1 week. We’re now going to hold the event on Saturday, December 21st, but we’ll keep all the other details the same. The games will be in stores before then; we’re just rescheduling our shindig.

The party will run from 12:00 to 5:00 at Wonko’s Games and Toys, and there will still be zombie cake and a costume contest as well as more undead than you can shake a stick (or chainsaw) at!

Dead Panic Release Party! – UPDATED

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With the games arriving in the warehouse, we are thrilled to announce details for our Dead Panic Release Party! (Update – We moved the event back 1 week from the original date. It’s now scheduled for Saturday, December 21st.)

Where: Wonko’s Toys and Games, 3776 Hwy 183, Suite 116, Austin, TX, 78750
When: Saturday, December 21st, 12:00–5:00 p.m. – *UPDATED*
We’ll have a sweet zombie cake and plenty of copies of the game for purchase. We’ll also have a zombie costume contest, judged by Anne-Marie and Justin. The person with the best zombie costume wins a free copy of the game. The winner will be announced at 5:00 and must be present to win. Come out for some merry, undead fun!

Last Stop on the West by Southwest Tour!!!

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Wow, it’s hard to believe it, but this crazy adventure that started back in February is about to come to an end. Our West by Southwest Tour ends tomorrow and we’re looking to go out with a bang! Thursday night from 6:30 to 10pm we will be running our last set of demos at Cafe Mox in Seattle. Continue reading Last Stop on the West by Southwest Tour!!!

Oregon and Washington Visits Confirmed!

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We are currently driving across the U.S. (again) and this time we’re headed back to the west coast! We’ve scheduled store visits in Portland, Vancouver, and the Seattle area starting on Thursday. It’s hard to believe it, but these will be the last stops on our West by Southwest tour!

As always, I’ve updated the front page with the latest dates and times, but if you want to see us this weekend, here are the stores we’ll be at in Aloha and Portland, Oregon:

Thursday, September 12th
Rainy Day Games – 5pm-9pm
18105 SW TV Highway
Aloha, OR, 97006

Saturday, September 14th
Red Castle Games – 1pm-6pm
6406 Southeast Foster Road
Portland, OR, 97206

Sunday, September 15th
Guardian Games – 1pm-6pm
303 Southeast 3rd Avenue
Portland, OR, 97214

The End of San Francisco

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mass effect
Just kidding! – Image property of DraftFCB

Don’t worry. San Francisco is just fine, but last week was the end of the San Francisco leg of our WXSW tour. In fact, as I write up this review, we are counting down the final days before we head off to GenCon in Indianapolis!

Let’s look back on a crazy few days shall we?

This last set of store visits started off on Wednesday at Endgame in Oakland. It’s another very approachable store with a well-organized selection of games. Unfortunately, it’s not located in the best part of town, as we were about to find out. We’d only been playing games for about an hour when I received a phone call from a good Samaritan who had found my backpack. Wait, what? You mean my backpack that’s supposed to be inside the van?!

Sadly, Oakland had lived up to its bad reputation and sure enough, our van had been broken into and my backpack and computer case had been stolen. We had to shut our Endgame event down early to deal with the break-in, but we were able to get the backpack back and the only real damage was a broken window. The good news is that thanks to Kru over at American Auto Glass Solutions in Alameda, we had a new window installed later the next afternoon! They even came out to our hotel to fix it, which was great because we had to head out that night for our store event at D20 Games in Alameda!

We’ve known Ben, the owner of D20 Games, for a few years now, and when we met up with him earlier this year at GAMA in Las Vegas, he asked if we could include his store in our promotional tour. We were happy to oblige and Thursday night it all came together. Ben had made sure to tell all his regulars that we were coming, and it wasn’t long before we were swamped with excited fans asking for signatures and picking our brains about how we came up with our ideas. Between questions, we played as many games as we could, including a nail-biting ending for The Wizard’s Tower with the Chimera destroying the final tower in a fiery breath. We stayed late, playing Bears! and talking about games until it was time to head out for some sleep.

Friday, we rested up for a bit and then headed over to San Francisco, where we set up our table in the vendor room at GaymerX. This was the first year for the convention, which got its start as a Kickstarter project, and there was no shortage of activity as everyone prepared for the opening. When Saturday morning arrived and the doors opened, we were flooded! We haven’t heard final attendance figures, but the rumor was that around 3,000 gamers were registered, and at times it felt like they were all in the hall at once! The first day was great, with a huge amount of interest in all our games and some good sales to match. We sold out of Castle Panic on our first day, which would lead to an interesting opportunity the next day.

Sunday we arrived in S.F. early to grab the limited parking and had a brief chance to play tourist as we headed out to breakfast. We decided on Sweet Maple, which is known for their Millionaire’s Bacon (thick cut bacon glazed with brown sugar and sprinkled with red and black pepper) as seen on “The United States of Bacon” on the Discovery Channel. It was a good decision. The bacon is fantastic, and when paired with deep fried French toast, it made a lot of other meals on this trip jealous.

Later in the morning, GaymerX continued with more demos, great people, and a good time had by all. Being sold out of Castle Panic was a bit of a disappointment, but it turns out relief was on the way. Our friends from Gamescape had brought their inventory of Castle Panic with them on Sunday, and we worked out a deal that allowed gamers who bought The Wizard’s Tower from us to pick up the base game from Gamescape for just $20! Both games for $45 is a deal like we’ve never seen before, and it was no surprise when several attendees took us up on the offer. We took advantage of a lull in the crowd to hop the aisle and say hi to some fellow game publishers. We chatted with Christopher Badell, one of the designers of Sentinels of the Multiverse and co-owner of Greater Than Games. We also talked with Phil Kilcrease, owner of 5th Street Games, and got a look at their new game, Farmageddon from the designer Grant Rodiek himself. We also got our copies of those games signed while we were at it. Hey, we’re gamers too!

We manned the booth until the hall closed and then packed up and headed back to our hotel for some much needed rest. It was definitely a good chance for us to expose our games to new fans and meet existing fans. For a first-year convention, it went pretty darn smoothly. We wish the organizers nothing but the best for future events! It was a wonderful testament to equality that a convention specifically focused on queer geek culture felt a lot like any gaming convention—we met people who love video games, board games, anime, science fiction, fantasy, and having fun with people who are as excited about the same things as they are. You know, a game convention!

Monday would be our last store event in the Bay Area, and it almost didn’t happen. We had some chores to do in San Francisco before our event at Black Diamond Games, so we headed out to the Bay Bridge like we had several times before. Sadly, we didn’t know about the big-rig fire on I-80 that would ruin our afternoon. We made it to the toll booth, where it was too late to turn around and came to a complete stop. Imagine driving over a big bridge. It takes 30 seconds? Maybe a minute or two? We were stuck on that bridge for over 3 hours. That’s not a typo. It’s an agonizing way to spend your day. We finally made it across the bay, finished our errands, and sped off to Concord to Black Diamond Games. We made it more-or-less on time, and it turned out to be the perfect cure for our less-than-perfect day. We had excited gamers asking about our games the minute we entered the store, and we had a blast running demos as fast as we could put them on the table! In a nice change of pace, we had two games of The Wizard’s Tower that ended in victory after a week of mostly defeats. We didn’t have time for a Bears! tournament, but at the end of the night we held a raffle in which the first winner got a copy of The Wizard’s Tower, donated by Black Diamond Games, and the next winner took home a copy of Bears! Overall, it was the perfect end to this part of the tour. The next few days will see us catching up on emails, changing the oil on the van, and finishing our preparations for GenCon. We’ll be in Indy next week, can you believe it?

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2 Store Visits and A Con Left for San Francisco

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We’re resting today since we’re between demos. And by resting I mean, responding to emails, dealing with printers and accountants, handling inventory issues, and scheduling interviews and events for GenCon. So yeah, it’s not quite bonbons on the couch for us.

However, we’re back into it starting tomorrow, and I wanted to post the last bit of our San Francisco schedule for everyone to see:

Wednesday, July 31st, we will be at Endgame in Oakland to join in on their boardgame night.

On Thursday, August 1st, we hit D20 Games in Alameda. Our friend Ben runs the place, and it should be a good time for our last store visit in the Bay area.

On Saturday and Sunday, we’ll be at the first-ever GaymerX convention in downtown San Francisco. GaymerX is an LGBT gaming convention that focuses on the queer geek culture with an emphasis on video and tabletop gaming.

The next stop on our West by Southwest Tour will be GenCon in Indianapolis! How does a Midwestern convention fit into a tour about the West and Southwest? Don’t ask questions like that. It’s GenCon, it just does!