International TableTop Day and Fireside!

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Last year was the first time TableTop put together a world-wide gaming celebration and it was pretty sweet. This year looks like it will be even better!

This Saturday, April 5th is International TableTop Day, when gamers all across the world will come together to score points, slay monsters, and generally have a fantastic time. We’re going to be doing our part at Dragon’s Lair on West Anderson Lane, here in Austin, Texas.


Justin and Anne-Marie will both be in the store starting at 10:00 to run demos of games, including the prototype of Munchkin Panic, if you’re anxious to get a peek, or even be a playtester!

Everyone who demos a game during the event will be entered into a drawing, to be held at 1:00 where we’ll pick 5 names at random. The winners get to sit down and play a game of The Wizard’s Tower with Justin, and after the game, each player will receive a free copy of The Wizard’s Tower to take home!

At 3:00 Justin will be conducting an open Q&A session, so bring your burning questions and see what goes on inside a game designers head. (Hint, it isn’t pretty, but it’s definitely fun!)

The event wraps up at 4:00, so be sure to get there early and join in the fun!

Homemade Castle Panic Is the Best Thing Ever

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A few weeks ago, a store owner told us about a customer who bought a copy of Castle Panic for her son Jared for Christmas. Jared had played the game at a friend’s house and was so taken with the game that he had created his own version to tide himself over until Christmas. Continue reading Homemade Castle Panic Is the Best Thing Ever

Board Game Geek Convention Approaches!

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It’s almost mid-November, so that means it’s time for one of our favorite conventions of the year: BGG.Con! How can we not love a huge gaming convention that’s a big party and is within driving distance?

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Fireside Games at Protospiel South This Weekend

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Gamers at Protospiel South
Gamers at Protospiel South - Photo by Spyderella

This Saturday and Sunday, the 28th and 29th, a unique gathering happens here in Austin. Game designers from all over come together at Protospiel South to show off prototypes of their new games and playtest prototypes from other designers. Continue reading Fireside Games at Protospiel South This Weekend

Over the River and Through the Woods to Board Game Geek Con I Go

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More demos, this time a 6 player game.

Okay, so it’s not Christmas yet, but I’m still travelling off to a wonderland of sorts. Board Game Geek Con is this weekend in Dallas with day after day of gaming goodness and I’m heading up there tomorrow. Continue reading Over the River and Through the Woods to Board Game Geek Con I Go