Remnants Demos Across the Land!

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Be ready for the post-apocalypse! Or at least have fun with real-time dice-rolling to scavenge for resources, building your compound, and fighting over Raiders and Mutant Creatures. Game stores across North America will be hosting free Remnants demos September 15–16.


Find a participating store near you from the list below and compete to become the lone survivor!



Imperial Outpost Games (Glendale), 602-978-0467



Dragon’s Keep Gaming Room (Fayetteville), 479-249-8888



Crit Castle Games (Aurora), 303-745-4140

Petrie’s Family Games (Colorado Springs), 719-522-1099



The Board Room (Middletown), 860-788-7824

Connecticut Gaming Center (Waterbury), 203-527-3918



Dice Drop Games (Macon), 478-737-1192



The Armchair Adventurer (Honolulu), 808-843-1250

Other Realms Ltd. (Honolulu), 808-596-8236



Safari Pearl Comics (Moscow), 208-882-9499

Gaming Adventures (New Plymouth), 208-649-4244



AlleyCat Comics (Chicago), 773-907-3404

Bonus Round Games Cafe (Chicago), 773-857-1037



Power Nine Gaming (Fort Wayne), 260-387-6136

Better World Books (Goshen), 574-534-1984

Good Games (Indianapolis), 317-493-1423



Game Nut Entertainment (Lawrence), 785-856-1540

Mission: Board Games (Mission), 913-242-7970

Gatekeeper Hobbies (Topeka), 785-232-3429

Sente (Wichita), 316-640-5344



Anubis Game & Hobby (Broussard), 337-330-6096



Play More Games! Store (Gaithersburg), 240-801-9375

Dream Wizards (Rockville), 301-881-3530

Dice City Games (Silver Spring), 443-424-2637



Acropolis Games (Adrian), 517-577-6192

Pandemonium Games and Hobbies (Garden City), 734-427-2451

Nostalgia, Ink (Jackson), 517-784-8955



The Gaming Goat (Saint Paul), 651-690-4628



Pawn and Pint (Kansas City), 415-613-0476



Gauntlet Games (Lincoln), 402-420-5060

The Game Shoppe (Omaha), 402-991-8699

Sparta Games (Omaha), 402-934-8330



The Glass Die (Reno), 775-384-1456


New Mexico

Zia Comics and Games (Las Cruces), 575-405-0461


New York

The Brooklyn Strategist (Brooklyn), 718-576-3035

Just Games Rochester (Rochester), 585-586-0586


North Carolina

Rocket City Games and More (Jacksonville), 910-577-5556

Scott’s Collectibles (Kannapolis), 704-784-2277

Event Horizon Games (Raleigh), 919-977-4009

Gamers Guild (Spring Lake), 910-497-2354



The Guardtower (Columbus), 614-488-4311

Tabletop Game Cafe (Columbus), 614-725-0328

Beyond the Board (Dublin), 614-553-7677

Barnes & Noble (Pickerington), 614-751-0927



Borderlands Games (Salem), 503-485-2554



Deal Me in Games (Boyertown), 484-415-0058

Caffeinated Gaming (Zieglerville), 610-287-1624


Rhode Island

Reality A Games (West Warwick), 401-500-1545


South Carolina

Firefly Toys and Games (Columbia), 803-764-0596



901 Comics (Memphis), 901-421-8819



Dragon’s Lair (Austin), 512-454-2399

Mage’s Sanctum (Austin), 512-428-4402

Brickhouse Games (Garland), 972-926-3398

Dragon’s Lair (Houston), 832-761-0072

Flash Candy and Toys (Lockhart), 512-668-5075

Mad Hatter’s House of Games (Lubbock), 806-763-4054

Stormcrow Games (Lubbock), 806-778-4281

Darkhound Game Center (Mansfield), 817-225-6145

Sockmonkey Junction (Mansfield), 682-999-8697

Madness Games & Comics (Plano), 972-943-8135



Noggin Games (Cedar City), 435-586-3423

Blackfyre Games (Pleasant Grove), 801-785-9713

Game Haven (St. George), 435-627-0616

Demolition Games (Salt Lake City), 385-229-4739



The Island Games (Centreville), 515-599-0360

Crossroads Tabletop Tavern (Manassas), 571-364-8885



Krampus Kave (Leavenworth), 509-888-2422



Planet Chaos (Fort Atkinson), 920-563-2664

I’m Board! Games and Family Fun (Middleton), 608-831-6631

The GameBoard (Sheboygan), 920-453-4263



Games Gauntlet (Laramie), 307-299-7976




North of Exile Games (Penetanguishene, Ontario), 705-614-2801



Mana Screw (Costa Azul), 52-1-646-176-4406


Read all about the game here.

Gen Con 2018: Booth 2455

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Planning for Gen Con always feels a little bit like planning for a wedding. You worry about every little detail, but at the end as long as you marry up happy gamers with fun games that you’ve proudly raised and sent off into the world, you’ve done your job.


This year is no exception. We are excited this year to show you Remnants and Grackles. Drop by and hang out with us in booth 2455. We’ll have fun showing you our new games, showing you the promo for Remnants, and offering you some special convention deals. We’ll even have limited quantities of both Remnants and Grackles available for sale.


Demos: If you are looking to try out our new games, Remnants and Grackles, we can set you up. We’ll also have demos of Hotshots, Kaiju Crush, Castle Panic with The Wizard’s Tower, and Here, Kitty, Kitty! going.


Promos: With a purchase of any game, you’ll receive a free promo. We have the special Giant Scorpion promo card for Remnants. You can also simply buy a promo if you already own the game.


Pin Bazaar: This year we’re participating in the Pin Bazaar! Fans of Castle Panic will love the Monster Face pin we’ve designed. We do have limited quantities, so make sure you get yours early.



Deals: In addition to all of the games in our catalog, we will have a special discount bin where you can pick up games before they go out of stock.


We’re so excited to see you there! Safe travels!




Remnants Review Roundup

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The reviews for Remnants are coming in, and people are really enjoying the real-time dice-rolling in this post-apocalyptic world! But we’ll let them do the talking. We’ve pulled out a summary quote from each review and followed it up with a link to the full review for your perusal. Enjoy!


“Remnants provides an excellent tabletop experience. Looting and scavenging are well designed, and the addition of managing and recruiting specialist survivors is very welcome. There’s enough here to feel crunchy and deep without being overwhelming.”

­–Everything Board Games


“For fans of delicious decisions, there is a lot of thought and planning required. [. . .] It is still early in our plays, but Remnants is my favorite Fireside Game so far. Remnants has a great theme, good artwork, and two of my favorite mechanisms (real time dice-rolling and card purchase from a market) done well. The tension from building up your compound to withstand the attacks every other round is palpable, and the end game is very satisfying. Throw in the competitive point scoring, and this hits a lot of marks for me.”

­–Board Game Gumbo


“You go from frantic dice rolling to calm tactical decision making regularly, which was thrilling to me and actually made the theme a little more immersive.”

–Gaming With Swag


“Remnants is a very good game that I absolutely can recommend if you hit 2 to 4 players routinely. [. . .] I’m going to be keeping it, it’s going to be going onto my shelf. Easy to learn, easy to teach, overall, very good game.”

– Bower’s Game Corner


“I enjoyed this game. It was easy enough rules wise that I could pick it up on the run, but it was challenging enough that I had to take some serious moments considering my actions. I’m pretty happy to play this game and I think that Fireside has done a good job at making a more serious game. [. . .] I think with the mechanic additions, and the great post-apocalyptic setting it’ll be a great addition to anyone’s board game closet.”

–The Nblogcollective


“I dig the juggling of trying to grab VPs while doing your best to build a compound which will withstand and take down the baddies. 8.5”

–Jeff McAleer, The Gaming Gang


Remnants is fun to play.  I enjoyed the tension of trying to scavenge the materials I needed to pursue my strategy, and alternating between building up my outpost and preparing for the next attack (with those attacks getting stronger as the game goes on) kept things interesting.”



Unboxing video by the Dice Tower:

Remnants & Grackles Date Change

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We’ve been excitedly anticipating the release of Remnants and happily sharing what we’ve received from the printer. Sadly, we now have to share a disappointing bit of news from the printer. There has been an unforseen shipping delay getting Remnants on the boat, which has caused a ripple effect and pushed the street date to July 25. We’ll have demos and pre-orders available at Origins Game Fair, and we’ll get those copies shipped out as soon as they hit the warehouse. We’ll continue to share bits about Remnants on social media and post the how-to-play video soon, so stay tuned!


Don’t forget, if you buy from us or from retailers with Launch Kits, you’ll get the Giant Scorpion promo card.



Here some early reviews of Remnants to give you a hint of all of the post-apocalyptic fun you’re in for.

The Gaming Gang


Bower’s Game Corner


We’re also pushing back the street date for Grackles, which will now hit stores September 5, to allow for more time to manufacture the cool bird tokens. We’ll have demos and pre-orders at Origins and Gen Con and will ship those out as soon as possible as well.





Out of Print

The world ended some time ago. Our days are dust and sand. We build what we need to survive from the remnants of the old world . . .

Remnants takes place in a post-apocalyptic world. Each player builds a compound and fights to survive Raiders and mutant creatures. Send Survivors into the Badlands to roll dice in a real-time race for Resources, and then take turns spending those Resources to buy weapon, defense, and special development cards. When threats attack, roll dice and use abilities from cards you purchased to stay alive and fend off the assault. Designed by Matthew O’Malley, Ben Rosset, and our own Justin De Witt.

Designed by Justin De Witt, Matthew O’Malley, and Ben Rosset


Learn How to Play

Download a copy of the RULES for Remnants (2.91 Mb PDF).


Game Includes

  • 1 Game board
  • 16 Custom Dice
  • 45 Resource tokens
  • 5 Bonus tokens
  • 4 Player boards
  • 12 Loot tracking cubes
  • 1 Dread track cube
  • 15 Victory Point tokens
  • 37 Development Cards
  • 2 Survivor/Training Cards
  • 22 Survivor tokens
  • 15 Specialist tokens
  • 9 Badlands Cards
  • 6 Dread Cards
  • 3 Boss Cards
  • 6 Boss Power Up Cards


Remnants takes place in a post-apocalyptic world. Each  player builds a compound and fights to survive Raiders and mutant creatures. The game is played in 5 phases: Scavenge, Build, Fight, Heal, and Cleanup. In the Scavenge phase, you send Survivors into the Badlands to roll dice in a real-time race for Resources. In the Build phase, you take turns spending those Resources to buy weapon, defense, and special development cards that enhance your compound. When threats attack, you’ll roll dice and use abilities followed by a Level 2 threat, and then finally face down the Raider Boss. After the final attack, the game ends and the player with the most Victory points is the winner.


Each player will play as 1 of 4 Tribes and the dice can be used in two different ways, gathering Resources or Fighting.


There are Resource tokens to be found in the wastelands along with Bonus tokens. Victory Points are flavor packets because in the future, flavor is the most valuable commodity.


Development cards are constructed with resources you find in the Badlands and used to improve your score or combat the Dread Cards and Bosses.


There are 2 types of people in a Tribe: Survivors and Specialists. Players decide how to commit their people to gain Resources and Loot.


Badland cards effect the badlands and your survivors as they gather Resources and Loot.


Dread cards are the Raiders and Creatures you have to survive or fight.


Boss Cards are fought at the end of the game.

Want to sleeve your cards? We recommend Mayday Games Card Game Sleeves 63.5mm x 88mm.



Get the Badlands Scorpion Promo Card!