2014: A Year In Review

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2014 was an amazing year for Fireside Games. We appreciate all the opportunities that came our way this year and would like to especially thank everyone who plays our games and shares them with new players. We love making games as much as you love playing them.

We put our heads together and came up with our Top 5 Highlights from 2014.

  1. Now that’s a cake!

    Celebrating 5 Years of Castle Panic – It was such fun getting to share behind the scenes details and talk directly with our fans at the Google Hangout and the official Birthday Party, sharing the Oracle as a bonus game piece, reminiscing about the early days and hearing from all of you as you shared your Castle Panic memories, and the cake, oh yes, the cake!

  2. Company Growth & New Staff – A major step forward for Fireside was expanding and growing the company with the addition of Kris and Maureen to our full-time staff. Kris has elevated our Customer Service to enviable levels and Maureen has helped keep our planning on track so we get to see more of you out and about in the world. We look forward to more expansion in the coming year and being able to serve you even better.
  3. Upgraded Website & EcommerceOur website got a great-looking facelift with added features and lots of helpful information for our long-term fans and new customers alike. The addition of e-commerce has allowed us to bring you the fun branded merchandise you used to only be able to get a conventions, like T-shirts, patches, and replacement pieces.
  4. New Avenues for Sharing Our Games – Our games were shared with new fans through foreign licensing (Munchkin Panic is already available in Russian and German, with more languages underway for it and other titles!), a fantastic show at GenCon, and being featured in articles, blogs and on top game lists (from Boing, Boing to Boardgamegeek.com) across all our titles. We were fortunate to enjoy new partnerships with Steve Jackson Games and Texas Frightmare Weekend, and be published in Rue Morgue and SciFi Now Magazine!
  5. Expanding the Panic Line – With the release of Munchkin Panic we have expanded our line of Panic games, which already includes Castle Panic and Dead Panic, by giving you another unique play experience built on familiar mechanics with new features and objectives. We were also very excited to get How To Play videos up for all our games to make learning more accessible to everyone who gets a copy of one of our games. We even have small, break-out videos for many of the new twists in the different Panic games so you get the best experience and training you can.

We are taking some much needed rest time in the next week, but are already working on big plans for 2015. We invite you along for the ride. It’s going to be amazing!