Dead Panic: Characters & The Van

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More helpful hints on playing Dead Panic!

First up, we have an explanation of the Characters you can play, their special abilities, and what happens when your Character gets turned into a zombie. It is important to understand your ability and those of your fellow players. You may need to remind your teammates to use their ability to help the group.

Next, we have an overview of the Van, a key component to winning to the game. Once you’ve achieved the objective of collecting the radio pieces and calling for help, the Van arrives and your objective becomes “Get in the Van!” The Van has special movement rules and affects your Character’s abilities once you make it to safety. (Hint: You can still help other players, but with limitations.)

We’ll be sharing info on Event Cards soon, so be sure to check back in the next few days!

You can watch the entire Dead Panic “How To” Playlist on our YouTube channel.

Happy Gaming!

Dead Panic How to Play Videos Now Available!

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How to Play Overview, Zombie Movement, and Fighting Zombies

Dead Panic cover image

‘Tis the season for zombies and ghouls. Whether it’s for Halloween, Walking Dead night, or just your regular game night get-together with friends, now is the perfect time to fight the undead with Dead Panic, our Zombie Apocalypse survival game.

To help you reach your maximum survival potential we’ve put together some How to Play videos to get you up and running.

First up, we have a general overview of how the game works and how a round plays.

We also put together a video on Zombie Movement for those scenarios when you aren’t quite sure where the zombies are going to go. You know, the Panic part of Dead Panic!

Of course, you are going to have to actually fight zombies at some point. This video on fighting zombies helps you determine who has to fight which zombies and when.

Dead Panic is a fun, risk-free way of auditioning your friends for your real-life apocalypse team.

Put on your favorite zombie movie in the background, get a group of intrepid teammates together, and take a stab at survival. It’s sure to be a good time!

Have a detailed situation question? Be sure to check out our Dead Panic FAQ page for lots of helpful hints and tips!

We have more short, detailed videos coming in the next few days, so stay tuned!

How to Play Munchkin Panic

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This time next week Munchkin Panic will be on game tables all across the country. Want to get an early bird advantage over your friends? Of course you do!

We’ve put together a couple of brief videos showing you how to play Munchkin Panic so you can get a copy next Wednesday, October 8, when it releases and start playing straight away. We know you want that Treasure!

Anne-Marie, designer of Munchkin Panic, gives a great overview of how the base game works.

But wait, there’s more!

INCLUDED in each box is the More Munchkin Mini Expansion that blends even more Munchkin with your Panic! Learn how the Mini Expansion changes the rules and your objectives in this video:

If that’s still not enough, you can download the rules for Munchkin Panic and give them a read through. After all, the early bird gets the Trophy, right?

Birthday Party Extravaganza!

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Last Saturday was the official party for Castle Panic’s 5th Birthday. We’ve been planning this event for most of the year, and we were super excited that the big celebration went so well!


We started things out with our Google Hangout, where Justin sang Happy Birthday (lounge style, of course) to Castle Panic, then showed some early versions of Castle Panic, talked about the making of the game, and answered a bunch of questions about everything from game design to how he and Anne-Marie can never play Pente again. One of the highlights of the Hangout was Justin showing off pieces and line drawings from the next expansion, The Dark Titan!

If you missed the Hangout, don’t worry, you can still catch it! The entire video is now available through our YouTube channel, and you can watch it right here:

If you don’t have 2 hours to watch the whole thing, here are timestamps from the event so you can jump to the parts you’re most interested in:

0:06:45  History of Castle Panic and the first prototypes

0:29:30  Alternate rules for Castle Panic

0:36:40  Overview of The Dark Titan expansion

0:45:30  Castle Panic and Tabletop

0:50:35  The Master Slayer belt

0:54:50  Art from The Dark Titan

1:02:20  Fireside Games’ schedule of appearances for 2014

1:14:35  The Kickstarter situation

1:21:50  Justin’s favorite games

1:25:20  Giant Castle Panic

1:26:20  Game design and IP

1:28:30  Self Publishing pros and cons

1:35:55  Possible Bears! expansion

1:38:50  The Pente story

1:44:25  A fan story from the tour

1:50:10  What’s up with the unicorn?

1:54:15  Future expansions


Later that evening, we headed out to Emerald Tavern Games and Café where we setup for the event and had a blast running demos of Castle Panic, giving out free stuff, and meeting with tons of fans. As always, there was awesome cake from our friend Jarred.

Now that’s a cake!
Check out the shimmering water and wood texture on the door!

Not only did we have the different flavors for different colored parts of the cake, but the tower was made of Rice Krispies and covered in party decorations like banners, balloons, a Troll piñata, and a “Pin the Tooth on the Basilisk” game. Of course the whole thing was delicious and only crumbs were left at the end of the night.

The Troll pinata did not come with a bat, but Justin ate him later anyway.
One of the great hidden details on the back of the cake.
The party gets started!

We also held a special drawing in which people who entered could win either a copy of Castle Panic, The Wizard’s Tower, or one of three signed prints of line art from The Dark Titan expansion. We had a great time with both events, and we want to thank all of our fans for your support over these last 5 years. It’s been a great ride so far, and we’ve got a lot more fun things planned for the future!


Board with Life Interview

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Back in March when we attended T.A.B.L.E. we had the chance to sit down with Donald from Board with Life. We talked about game design, our influences, what got us started, how we created Dead Panic and Munchkin Panic and embroidering. That’s right embroidering. It’s a great interview and a fun chance to peek behind the curtain and see how our brains work.

Munchkin Panic Unboxing Videos!

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For those of you who wanted to see more of Munchkin Panic, the wait is over! Anne-Marie filmed not one, but two different unboxing videos of our upcoming release. The first video is just a quick unboxing, showing all the components that you’ll get in your lovely box of loot.

The second one goes deeper, with Anne-Marie showing off the components in more detail , giving you some behind-the-scenes info on the making of the game, as well as explaining more of how the gameplay is different from both Castle Panic and Munchkin. Grab some popcorn and dim the lights, it’s movie time!

Munchkin Panic – A Peek Under the Helmet

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How do you show people a game BEFORE the game is available to be shown? That was our conundrum when trying to come up with a way to share the art and details behind Munchkin Panic when we didn’t have a copy of the game to share yet.

Then, our brilliant Sales & Marketing Manager Kris said, “Why not make a photo book of the art with details about the game design and what makes it different from both Castle Panic and Munchkin?” And we all applauded and then got to work! “Munchkin PanicA Peek Under the Helmet” was born.

While this project was initially intended to be a print project it became clear we had some great information to share will all of you. So, we turned it into a slideshow. Then we decided it was kind of dry with no sound so our Marketing team turned the slideshow into a movie and narrated it for your viewing pleasure.

We hope this answers some of your burning questions, and maybe even generates some new ones. We are very excited to be sharing this information with you and will be adding more videos about the making of Munchkin Panic and showing you what the actual game will look like as we get our production samples and it gets ready to hop on a boat and make its way to your game libraries.

You will be able to view the printed copies of this book at upcoming shows in the booth of our friends at Steve Jackson Games, as well as in our booth at GenCon (along with the advance copy demos we’ll be running).

“It’s really addictive!”

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Christina over at Initiative Tabletop posted a video review of Bears! a while back. While the cold weather is probably keeping you from going camping, you can still bring the fun of camping inside. Well, at least the fun of being attacked by Bears!

Christina gives a quick overview of the game and then proceeds to DESTROY Jacob in a sample turn. She sums it up with “It’s really easy to learn and it’s so much fun. It’s really addictive!” We couldn’t agree more.

Dead Panic Review By Initiative: Tabletop

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Jacob over at Initiative: Tabletop has posted a video review of Dead Panic. The verdict? We’ve got another fan!

“This game is a LOT of fun.”

“The components are great in this, the rulebook is great in this, the whole gameplay is so much fun. It’s so immersive and you really have to work together.”

Check out Jacob’s walkthrough and review right here: