Bears! Rampage Through The Card!

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The Card Gamer has just posted their review of Bears!, and you might be surprised that having bears invade your campsite can be “a fun little filler and worth checking out if you have kids or crazy friends who enjoy a good laugh.”

David has done his usual great job with lots of detailed photos and close ups. He gives a good overview of the components and rules, and you can tell his take on the game is positive when he reports that his game group was “laughing out loud while playing [Bears!]”

You can watch the full video review below.

Bloodsuckers Instructional Video is up!

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For those of you that want to see how Bloodsuckers is played, or are looking for a quick way to learn the rules, we just posted an instructional video that fits the bill. We cover how to setup the game for 2-, 3-, or 4-players, and then walk you through basics of how the game works. Continue reading Bloodsuckers Instructional Video is up!