The Dark Titan Cometh – New Product Announced!

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The world of Castle Panic just got a bit bigger and a whole lot tougher! We are pleased to announce the next expansion to Castle PanicCastle Panic: The Dark Titan.Castle Panic: The Dark Titan Box Cover

Our heroes find themselves facing a new threat to the Castle’s survival, The Dark Titan Agranok. He was once banished but has escaped his former exile and is back with a vengeance! He brings with him a supporting cast of stronger, elite Monsters to challenge you in new ways. Thank goodness you’ve found reinforcements and clever new defenses!

Among the new Monsters laying siege to your Castle, you will find the Dark Sorceress, Elite Monsters, and a Boom Troll. You will fight back using Boiling Oil, the Cavalier, and Support Tokens.

Agranok himself will pose your greatest challenge yet as an 8-point Monster! You can choose to adjust his strength to match your abilities and to customize your play experience.

The Dark Titan releases in March 2015 and will retail for $14.95. It can accommodate 1-6 players, ages 12 and up, and play time is approximately 1 hour.

The Dark Titan requires Castle Panic to play and can also be played with The Wizard’s Tower for those among you brave enough to try.

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6 thoughts on “The Dark Titan Cometh – New Product Announced!

  1. Very awesome! Looking forward to it!

    1. Thanks, Michael! We’re really excited to finally be able to talk about it and start showing it off as we head towards the release.

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  3. […] The Dark Titan, the next expansion to Castle Panic, was announced this week by Fireside Games. […]

  4. Hi Bobby!
    Actually there were several reasons for the new size. For starters, this game has fewer components and a lower MSRP than The Wizard’s Tower. This means a box the size of our first expansion would be excessive for what’s inside and misrepresent the value of this new add-on as well.

    In addition, this box actually will be proportional to our other box sizes. It is the same width as The Wizard’s Tower, but half as tall and half as deep. This means it is essentially 1/4 the size of the base game.

    We also wanted to give retailers more options when it came to displaying our games. For that reason The Dark Titan comes in a tuckbox which now means it can be displayed standing on a shelf or hanging from a peg, whichever works best for them.

    Thanks for your question. I hope we see you soon!

  5. I am SUPER looking forward to this game. Castle Panic was my very first entry into co-operative gaming and I had so much fun with it. I find it to be just the right amount for the difficulty level because you lose more than you win so therefore you just want to keep on playing it over and over again. I still have yet to try Wizard’s Tower but all I know is that as long as you keep on making expansions, I will keep on buying them. Thanks so much for keeping this series going :)

    March 2015!!!!

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