The End of Tucson

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International TableTop Day was a blur. We had 2 appearances: the first at the RinCon Fundraiser and the second at Amazing Discoveries for the actual celebration of International TableTop Day. Both have a Wil Wheaton connection for us. RinCon 2010 was the year and place Wil first played Castle Panic and named it his One Best Thing of the con. As small publishers and fans of Star Trek: The Next Generation, we couldn’t have been happier. Fast forward to June 2012, when Mr. Wheaton features Castle Panic on his show, TableTop, and we found out just how much happier we could get! To have a fundraiser for the con that started it all followed by the first celebration of the show that gave it another kick in the pants, was just perfect.

We had a day of rest, which turned into a day of sickness and laying in bed all day, followed by a 16-hour drive from Tucson to Austin. We’ve recorded very little of that, you’ll be happy to know. It took us a full week to feel back to normal, just in time for ChimaeraCon! But that’s the next blog post . . .

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