The Gen Con Spiel Interview Is Up

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SpielWhile we were at Gen Con I had the opportunity to meet the guys from The Spiel, the game review and news podcast, and spend a little time answering some of their questions about Castle Panic. It turns out they were working pretty hard at the convention because they just posted their podcast of all the different game companies they interviewed and there’s a lot of good stuff in there!

I count about 12 different interviews they conducted and edited together into podcast #108. If you didn’t get to make it out to Gen Con, this isn’t a bad way to get a taste of all the new stuff that was on display. Stephen and David also ask good questions and talking about games and gaming was a lot of fun with them.

My interview is the Fourth one in the podcast, right after the firt clue for the “Name That Game” puzzle at about 47 minutes in.  You can stream the inteview right from their site, or download it, whichever you prefer.

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