The Greatness of TableTop Day!

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Saturday was the big day! All across the world people got together and played games and we can blame it all (mostly) on Wil Wheaton and his great show.

We were at one of the bigger local stores here in Austin, Dragon’s Lair and it was a heck of an event!

The store set aside the entire gaming area for the day, there were TableTop episodes playing in the background and an entire table full of free swag! We demoed a bunch of games, and some lucky fans even got to try out the prototype of Munchkin Panic with Anne-Marie.

Still finishing the setup before the doors open for the big day!
Anne-Marie gets a group started on Munchkin Panic

During the event, anyone who played one of our games got their name entered into a drawing. Later that afternoon, we drew 5 names and the lucky winners got to sit down with Justin for a game of The Wizard’s Tower.

They fought bravely and after finishing off the Necromancer, Basilisk, Chimera, and surviving a few nail-biting close calls, our heroes prevailed and won with 4 towers still standing. Truth be told, one of those towers was rebuilt. Everyone who played in the game got to go home with a free copy of The Wizard’s Tower, so there are sure to be many more adventures in the Kingdom!

After The Wizard’s Tower game, Justin took a few questions from the audience. There were some great questions, such as “How do I publish a game?” or “How do I know when my game is done?” and the ever-popular “Are you going to make more expansions to Castle Panic?” The answer to the last one is yes. Yes we are. More on that later, but for now take a look at our photos and video from the event. We hope everybody had as much fun as we did on this great day of celebrating gaming. We can’t wait for next year!


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