The Wizard Throws Quite a Party!

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The release party for The Wizard’s Tower was Wednesday night, and it was a truly fantastic event. I’d call it “magical,” but that would be a terrible pun.

Fans of Castle Panic were gathering at Wonko’s Toys & Games even before the event began and the crowd only grew from there. First time players joined forces next to seasoned veterans, and we began the demo games.

As the event became standing room only, we had to expand the number of games until we could get everyone playing. Eventually, we had 5 games going simultaneously with moans and cheers ringing out across the land. As soon as one game ended, a new one would start up with some players staying all night trying to claim victory.

Of course, it wouldn’t be one of our events without the now legendary custom cakes. This time, however, our good friend and Official Fireside Games Baker, Jarred Prejean, truly raised the bar to a new level. His completely edible representation of The Wizard’s Tower was nothing short of amazing and drew its own huge crowd. Composed of Rice Krispie Treats, pound cake, and confetti cake, the tower also included a sculpted Wizard (complete with magical staff and named Reginald by Jarred), flashing lights, towering walls, and a ridiculous amount of detail. Sadly, as in the game, no tower can stand forever, and the Wizard’s Tower was soon fallen upon by a hungry horde and torn to delicious pieces. Losing a tower never tasted so good!

The famous cake, with Jarred's hand for scale and the incredible walls around the base!
A close up of the tower, Reginald, and the flashing lights behind him.

A few of our playtesters came out to the event to see the game in its finished state, but for most players, this was their first exposure to The Wizard’s Tower. The result was unanimous. Everyone loved it!  As Hank Carroll posted on our blog after the event, “The new expansion is awesome it gives so much more to the game. I love the challenge! and I love the wizard cards.” While the challenge proved to be too much for some and the castle was destroyed, we also had several groups that claimed victory. There were special buttons awarded to both survivors and those who fell in battle, but the ultimate glory was the return of the Master Slayer Belt!

Victory tastes almost as good as cake!

Congratulations to Gabby Ruenes who won our drawing and took home a copy of The Wizard’s Tower! Wonko’s was kind enough to offer up a few more goodies for the drawing so we ended up with several happy winners. The event went on well into the night with the last crumbs of cake gobbled up, and Anne-Marie and I signing many, many copies of both The Wizard’s Tower and the original game. Eventually the last monsters were destroyed, the last towers crushed, and everyone headed home for a well-earned rest.

Despite stocking up on extra copies, Wonko’s completely sold out as everyone seemed to be leaving with a copy of The Wizard’s Tower tucked under their arms and a huge grin on their faces.

We want to extend our extreme gratitude to both Wonko’s Toys & Games for hosting and promoting this great event and to all our friends and fans, both old and new, who came out to join our celebration. We couldn’t do this without your support and enthusiasm, and we hope you continue to have as much fun with our games as we did playing them with you at the release party.

Thank you all!

Be sure to check out our Facebook page for more photos and good luck defending the castle!

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