The Wizard’s Tower Release Party!

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The Wizard's Tower Box coverThe long-awaited expansion to Castle Panic is making its way to stores as we speak! The official release date for The Wizard’s Tower is November 23rd, so be sure to check with your favorite local game store to make sure a copy is in stock for you.

Now it wouldn’t be like us to release a new game and not throw a party, would it? Of course not! So if you happen to be in the Austin area, get ready for another good time! We don’t want to mess with your Thanksgiving, so we’ll be holding the Release Party for The Wizard’s Tower on Wednesday, November 30th, starting at 6:00 p.m.

Our friends at Wonko’s Toys and Games, located at 13776 Highway 183, Suite 116, Austin, TX, 78750, have offered the use of their great store for our event. As with our other parties, there will be demos of The Wizard’s Tower and a custom cake. Plus, if you attend the party, you can enter an 8:00 drawing to win a free copy of The Wizard’s Tower!

Help us celebrate the next chapter of Castle Panic!

(Official contest legal blurb: No purchase required, drawing open only to event attendees, one entry per person, must be present to win, winner will be chosen at random, and Orcs, Goblins, and Trolls are prohibited from entering.)

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3 thoughts on “The Wizard’s Tower Release Party!

  1. Is there any place taking pre-orders on the web yet?

    1. Yes indeed! The two online retailers that we know for certain are taking pre-orders are and There are likely others, plus your local game store can order the game for you now if you ask them too.
      Good luck! – Justin

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