Top 5 Ways you May be Playing Dead Panic Wrong

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Dead Panic is a lot of fun, but it definitely isn’t just Castle Panic with zombies. If you are having trouble surviving or find the game way too easy, you may be overlooking some important rules.

You can watch our video overview or you can scroll down for the list and see if you are making any of these common mistakes.

Top 5 Ways You May Be Playing Dead Panic Wrong

5. Forgetting Radio pieces take up space in your hand.

Each item you hold counts towards your hand limit of 5 (6, if you are Barbara). If you have all three Radio pieces and they are not yet assembled, they take up 3 slots in your hand, leaving you only 2 slots for Cabin Cards. Assembled Radio pieces count as 1 item and free up those other spots for other resources. (Don’t forget it takes an action to assemble the Radio, and a separate action to call for help!)

4. Putting Survivor tokens back in the bag.

Once a Survivor has turned into a Zombie and is killed, it is not placed back in the Zombie draw bag like the other Zombies. Each Survivor token is only in play once per game. Of course, all the other Zombies you kill go back in the bag creating an unending horde of the undead. Good times!

3. Using items more than once.

All items (Cabin Cards that are not weapons) are single use only. Once they are used, they have to be discarded. These items include things like the Rope and the First Aid Kit. Remember: the Cabin Deck does not get reshuffled once depleted, so manage your resources wisely to maximum your chance of survival.

2. Not moving Survivors first on the Move Zombies phase.

When a Survivor token is in play and the Survivor is still alive, be sure to move the Survivor token first as it may affect how other zombies move. For instance, Zombies move toward living beings they can see, so they may move clockwise or counter clockwise toward a Survivor instead of forward toward the Cabin.

And the Number 1 way you may be playing Dead Panic wrong

1. Drawing an Event Card after one player has performed their 2 actions.

Event Cards are drawn after ALL players have performed their 2 actions. Event Cards are drawn once per ROUND, not once per TURN. The Event Card signifies how many Zombies are placed on the board that round and may affect Zombie movement.

So, there you have it. Are you guilty of any of these transgressions? Have suggestions for other players for how to survive? Share your strategies in the comments!

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