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We visited Tribe Comics and Games on June 8th, hitting another one of our “early days” stores in Austin. When we first launched Fireside Games, Justin went from store to store talking with retailers to get them excited about Castle Panic and learning everything he could about the business. The first in-store demo we ever held was at Tribe, and it was fun to get back after all these years.

The first demo at Tribe all those years ago!

We don’t have a lot of photos of this event, and that’s because we got too busy to take pictures fast! Anne-Marie was teaching Bears! and Justin started teaching a wonderfully nasty game of Bloodsuckers right away. We got castle defenders and more campers up and running and then of course, it was time for the Bears! tournament.

The dice were flying fast and the rounds got heated. Justin recorded video of the whole event and in between all the trash talking he had to censor out a few colorful comments. In the end our players were all good sports and we came out with a clear winner. Not only did she walk away with her prize copy of Bears!, but we were there when she was asked for her phone number later on! You never know what might happen on our West by Southwest Tour!

The next visit on the trip was Whose Turn Is It? Games, which is the last store visit for us in Austin, so look for that visit recap coming up soon!

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