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A look at the modular game boards in The Village Crone.

One of the many fun features of The Village Crone, is the modular game board. In this game, the play area is comprised of six (6), 9×9 boards that each represent a different location in the medieval village of Wickersby.

The layout of the boards is changeable each time you play. For standard play, we recommend you lay them out on a standard 3 x 2 grid; however, if you would like more complexity in your game you may choose to offset the boards, creating new pathways that must be maneuvered when moving Villagers and Familiars from location to location to achieve your Schemes.

With this added flexibility in the game, you will discover new challenges to your strategy each time you play. The “best” path from the Forge to the Mill will change each time you lay the tiles differently, adding a simple, yet meaningful, twist that keeps the game feeling fresh even after repeated play.

You can pre-order The Village Crone on our site or at your Friendly Local Game Store. It officially releases in stores everywhere September 30. To read the full rules, visit the information page about The Village Crone and click on the PDF download link under the How to Play header.

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