West by Southwest Tour Kickoff!

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Sunday marks the beginning of our multi-state tour, and it all starts right here in Austin! Anne-Marie and I will be at Wonko’s Toys and Games at 12:00 Sunday, the 10th, to play games, hang out, eat cake, and generally have a good time with our fans. Come by if you’ve ever wanted to learn one of our games or get in another round of a favorite. We’ll be running a Bears! tournament at around 3:30, and the winner will take home a copy of the game! This event is free and open to everyone, so your only excuse not to attend is if you don’t like fun.

After Wonko’s, we hit the road for the City of Angeles. We’re scheduled to appear as Special Guests at Strategicon: OrcCon from the 15th through the 18th. We’ll be participating in a Q&A session, selling games, and rubbing elbows with a bunch of our California fans!

Once Strategicon: OrcCon wraps up, we head for San Diego, where we will be making appearances at local game stores Pair A Dice Games, on Saturday the 23rd, and Game Empire, on Sunday the 24th. We’ll be posting more details on these visits and others soon, so you can see if we’ll be coming to a store near you. Also, look for our travel video blog as we document our adventure along the way and give you a peek behind the scenes here at Fireside!

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