WXSW Heads to Albuquerque!

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After we wrapped up our visit to Lubbock, it was time to head West for our next store visit in Albuquerque. We packed up, grabbed some supplies, including Bacon Jerky, (more on that in this weeks video) and started our road trip. We crossed the Texas border into New Mexico before long and eventually we had to stop at Bowlin for our dose of roadside attractions. We had some fun there with their stuffed bears, and rattlesnake belts, but then had to move on.

We were chased by thunderstorms for most of our drive, but that only made the New Mexico landscape even more dramatic. We arrived at Albuquerque a bit damp, but ready for a rest.

We caught up on some business and then took a day to go and visit Justin’s old home town of Los Alamos, as well as play tourist in Santa Fe. It was great to see the old stomping grounds and take in more of the amazing scenery. We also took a trip up to Sandia Peak by tramway. It’s probably the coolest way to see the Sandia Mountains and all the surrounding area hands down.

Looking out at Albuquerque from the top of Sandia Peak.

After all that, it was time to get down to business. We headed off to Twin Suns Comic Books & Gaming Center to meet up with some fans that were already waiting for us. We fought off a bunch of monsters in Castle Panic, and then just barely made it through a battle with The Wizard’s Tower. We ran the Bears! tournament with the group and then went on to have a great 4-player game of Bloodsuckers where the vampires ran the humans out of Blackwood. Afterwards we spent some time visiting with the group and talking about games and gaming in general. It was a fun night and it was great to meet some of the gamers in this fun city.

The 4th of July is here now, so we’ll see if we can watch some fireworks before we have to leave town and head to Phoenix for the next leg of our tour. Happy 4th everyone!

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