WXSW Tour Hits Dallas, Waco, and Coppell

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After a brief hiatus to get some files off to the printer, we’ve started up the West by Southwest tour again. This leg started off in Texas, and on Saturday we were off to the Dallas area at Madness Games and Comics. We had a chance to show our games off to new people and even had a few longtime fans drop by. We also got to meet the store dog, Sophie, who is pretty adorable, as you can see in the video. It was a great way to get back into the swing of things.

Sunday we headed south to The Game Closet in Waco, where many towers were destroyed and many Bear attacks were slept through­­—some more successfully than others . . . We had a surprise visit from our “Official Fireside Baker” when Jarred dropped in to say hello. If you’ve been to any of our release parties, you’ve seen (and tasted) Jarred’s delicious handiwork.

Monday we were back north in Coppell for a visit to one of our new favorite stores, Roll2Play. We met Tiffany, the owner, at ChimaeraCon in April and found a kindred spirit right away. We knew we would have to plan a visit to her store after we heard about all her plans to bring games into the community. Sure enough, it turned out to be a great visit. We had a store full of gamers and every table packed with rolling dice and shuffling cards. We had to split the Bears! tournament into 2 brackets to get all the players included. We even had a fun interview after hours, when we talked about how we got started and about gaming in general. We’ll post that video once it gets edited and finalized.

This weekend, we’ll be at Dallas Game Marathon Friday and Saturday, where there will be both a Castle Panic and a Bears! tournament. It’s also going to be our last visit here in the Dallas area, so if you’re in the area, be sure to come join us!

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