WXSW Tour Takes It to San DIego

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In this episode, Justin gives a brief tour of our new surroundings, runs an errand, and spots a sports car. Anne-Marie gives an overview of a demo set-up, and many happy people play Castle Panic and Bears! at Pair-A-Dice Games in Vista, California. Look for the generous surprise ending of the tournament.

Enjoy the still shots of Pair-A-Dice Games, Game Empire in San Diego, California, and various shots from the road. You’ll see a Santa chess set, two new Master Slayers added to the ranks, Justin’s animal-style burger and fries from In-N-Out, his take on the A’s sign, a surprise bear, and funny toilet paper—trust me.

From WXSW San Diego, posted by Fireside Games on 2/25/2013 (19 items)

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