Yes, I Do Give Great Hugs

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Wil Wheaton, creator of the beloved Table Top show, hosted a live online chat with gamers on Monday night. If you thought you missed it, you’re in luck! Thanks to the magic of science (?), you can still view it right here. There are loads of interesting and fun moments. Some of our favorites are at these time signatures:

8:24 Bears! can be seen in background (If you spot it, post below about where you saw it and which side of the box you saw.)

16:00  Wil gives his impression of playing deep strategy games like Agricola

34:51 Wil reveals his fondness for Justin’s hugs and for Bears! (Ask Justin for a free hug the next time you see him. For more on the Great Hug Incident with Wil Wheaton, click here.)

If Table Top gets a second season, only the shadow knows which games they’ll play—and Wil might know, and Felicia, and Boyan, but mostly the shadow knows . . . If you’d like to see a big celebrity grabfest of Bears!, let them know by emailing them at And post any pictures of you and your friends playing Castle Panic on

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2 thoughts on “Yes, I Do Give Great Hugs

  1. I love how matter-of-factly Wil says that you give great hugs, like there is some sort of huge controversy and he is on the gives-great-hugs side.

  2. I must solidly concur that Justin De Witt gives great, great hugs! LOL! This was a fun video. And I saw Bears! in the middle of that stack in the chair behind Wil, it looked like the side of the box with the tent on it!

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