Zombies Invade Wonko’s!

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Last Saturday was the official release party for Dead Panic and it all happened at Wonko’s Toys and Games here in Austin! We arrived a bit early to setup the games and get everything ready. Soon afterwards, Jarred arrived with yet another amazing custom cake for us. This time it was a completely edible version of the cover of our game. Complete with marzipan zombie parts, chocolate wood pieces, and even an edible Fireside logo!

Before we could even finish all the preparation, we had players ready to try surviving the zombie apocalypse. After a quick rules overview we dropped our players into the cabin and let the zombies loose. We had multiple games going simultaneously and they all proceed to deteriorate into shouts and panic pretty quickly. Tox from Crits Happen came by and tried out Dead Panic with his son Zach. Zach put down a lot of undead, but eventually took too many wounds and turned into a zombie just outside the safety of the van.


Some games ended with more survivors, and some with tragedy, but everyone ended up having a good time. We had a blast showing off our new game to old friends and new fans alike. We signed a bunch of copies for excited gamers, and let’s just say that a few folks out there might be finding a zombie under their tree this year.

As the event wound down, Justin took a few minutes to talk with Tox about Dead Panic, how Fireside Games is growing, and a few other things. You can check out that interview below and learn some good “insider” info.

Thanks to Jarred for another amazing cake, Eric and Denise at Wonko’s for hosting the event and to all our fans who showed up and helped us hold off the undead hordes. At least until the next game.

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