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Latest News

Munchkin Panic Unboxing Video - 7/29/14

Need even more Munchkin Panic? Watch the unboxing video of the final prototype! There's a short video that is a quick overview of the game contents, and a long video that gets into some gameplay details.


Emerald Tavern Hosts Some Fun and Games - 7/28/14

Sunday was the first ever Fireside Games Day at Emerald Tavern, and it was jam-packed with orcs, zombies, and fans of Fireside Games!


Munchkin Panic–A Peek Under the Helmet - 7/25/14

Want another sneak peek at Munchkin Panic? We put together a video version of the "Making Of" book we put together recently. More art, more rules, more Munchkin, and more Panic!


Castle Panic Celebrates 5 Years in September - 7/21/14

Get the scoop on the big birthday we're planning for Castle Panic. There are lots of things in the works, and new downloads have been added to the birthday page!


How to Host an At-Home Castle Panic Birthday Party - 7/21/14

Can't make it to our event or find a local game store near you? No problem! Throw your own party - here's how!