Dastardly Dirigibles


Professor Phineas Edmund Hornswoggle, known for building the highest quality airships, has announced his retirement. As one of the greatest airship engineers in the kingdom, you have gathered at the Hornswoggle factory in a competition to build the best airships you can and become the successor to the Hornswoggle empire.


FitBit watch showing Dastardly Dirigibles

“I say, what a smashingly stylish timepiece you have there!” “Why yes, it’s my custom FitBit watch face for my favorite steampunk card game, Dastardly Dirigibles. You can knap it for free from those dashing rogues at Hunter Watch Co.”

Designed by Justin De Witt

Learn How to Play

Download a copy of the RULES for Dastardly Dirigibles  (941 kb PDF)


Game Includes

  • 1 Rulebook

  • 5 Guide Sheets

  • 9 suits of 7 airship parts (63 cards)

  • 12 Special Cards

Dastardly Dirigibles steampunk airship card game full game

In Dastardly Dirigibles, you will build your airship from different parts of 9 beautiful suits. Each airship is made of 7 cards, each representing a different part of the airship, such as the nose cone or lift engine. Whenever you add a part to your airship, ALL players MUST add the SAME part, even if it means replacing an existing part.

Use Special cards to your advantage or to thwart your opponents. The round ends when the first airship is complete. But you score only the suit used most in your airship. The player with the highest score after 3 rounds wins!

Dastardly Dirigibles steampunk airship card game airships

The deck consists of 9 suits of Airship cards, each suit composing a unique steampunk airship.

Dastardly Dirigibles steampunk airship card game cards

The deck also has 12 Special cards that provide unique ways to interfere with your opponents.

Dastardly Dirigibles steampunk airship card game Guide Sheet

The Guide Sheet keeps your Airship cards organized and provides a reference to the Order of Play.

Dastardly Dirigibles steampunk card game partially built

The round ends when a player completes their airship, but you only score the suit you used the most.

Dastardly Dirigibles Steampunk Airship Card Game Smoke Bomb Promo Card

 Baffle your opponents with the Smoke Bomb Promo Card!

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