The Dark Titan

The Dark Titan has arrived! Are you prepared? The Origins Award–winning second expansion to Castle Panic is available now!

Players must stand together more than ever as The Dark Titan Agranok returns from banishment seeking vengeance. He will lay seige to your Castle with help from new Monsters, such as the Dark Sorceress, Elite Monsters, and a Boom Troll.

You get more reinforcements with the Cavalier, Boiling Oil, and Support Tokens, such as the Supply Wagon. Play them wisely and you could save the Castle. But Agranok and his team have many tricks and can overpower you if you don’t stay alert!

Gather your forces. The Dark Titan is here!

(The Dark Titan requires Castle Panic to play.)

Game Info

Designed by Justin De Witt

Dark Titan play icons

Awards and Accolades

Origins Award Winner
Origins Award Nominee

Base Game & Other Expansions

The Dark Titan requires the base game Castle Panic to play. It is also compatible with The Wizard’s Tower and the Engines of War expansion for Castle Panic.

image of Castle Panic game box front cover
The Wizard's Tower Box
Engines of War cover flat

How to Play

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More Ways to Learn How to Play

Download a copy of the RULES. (PDF)

Read The Dark Titan FAQ.

Learn how to set up The Wizard’s Tower with The Dark Titan expansion  in this video:

Game Includes

  • Rulebook
  • 1 Agranok Token
  • 5 Agranok cards
  • 5 Castle Cards
  • 17 Monster Tokens
  • 3 Support Tokens
  • 1 Cavalier Token
  • 1 plastic stand
Dark Titan expansion open game and components

About the Game

Agronok The Dark Titan token

The Dark Titan Agranok is an 8-point Monster so tough his token is double-sided to hold all his hit points!

Agranok difficulty level cards

Agranok has 5 different difficulty levels. Tailor your play experience by choosing or pick a card randomly.

Herald tokens in Dark Titan

When pulled, Heralds are placed on the back of the Agranok card and indicate when Agranok will appear.

Cavalier token in The Dark Titan

The Cavalier is on your side and can deal up to 2 points of damage to Monster(s) in the same space.

new Monsters in The Dark Titan

New Monsters joining Agranok include Elite Goblins, Orcs, and Trolls, as well as a Boom Troll and the Dark Sorceress.

Plague tokens in The Dark Titan

Plague tokens force players to discard cards and Wither banishes a card from the game.

Support tokens in The Dark Titan

Support tokens work for you by conferring special advantages if they make it all the way to the Castle.

Castle cards in The Dark Titan

New Castle Deck cards, such as Boiling Oil and Barrage, will come to your aid as well.


Accessories and Promos

Level 6 Agranok Card

Agranok Level 6 promo card