Stringamajig Box Facing right


Stringamajig Box Facing right

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Stringamajig is the party game that’s part drawing game, part charades!

Pick your word, and then draw, move, and animate the string to get the other players to guess as many words as possible in 60 seconds.

Play changes with Challenge Words that have you drawing with another player in the air, drawing with your eyes closed, and avoiding forbidden words!


All pieces of the Stringamajig game.

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Designed by Romain Caterdjian

4-10 players, ages 13 and up, 20 minutes

Learn How to Play

Download a copy of the RULES for Stringamajig.

FitBit watch showing Stringamajig face.

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Game Includes

• 1 loop of string
• 140 word cards
• 4 blank cards
• 1 scorepad
• 1 pencil
• 1 60-second sand timer
• 1 rulesheet


Stringamajig is the new party game that mixes the creative challenge of a drawing game with the hilarious antics of charades.

You’ll get 60 seconds to use a loop of string to draw a shape, move it around, and interact with it to try and get the other players to guess your word. You’re trying to get them to guess as many words as you can in that 60 seconds.

Each player’s turn consists of these steps in this order:

1. Choose your word: Draw the top card in the deck and look at the front. Then look at the back of the card that’s now on the top of the deck. The numbers shown on THAT card are the numbered words you can choose from on YOUR card.

2. Draw your word: Flip the sand timer, grab the string, and start drawing! Make any kind of drawing, and then start interacting with it. Strum that Guitar, move the tentacles on your Squid, or spin the rotors on your Helicopter!

You can’t make any noise, and part of the string has to remain touching the table while you animate your drawing. The other players call out their ideas. When a player guesses your word correctly, give them the card and draw a new card, moving on to your next drawing.

3. Score: When time is up, you get a point for each word that was guessed correctly, and each player scores 1 point for each correct guess they made.

After everyone has had 2 turns as the drawer, the game is over. The player with the most points wins.

Challenge Words are harder to draw, but worth 2 points if guessed.

  • 2-Player: Make your drawing in the air with another player.
  • Don’t Look: Draw with your eyes closed.
  • Forbidden Word: Guessing a certain word will cost a card.
Front and back of Stringamajig cards

Each card shows a numbered list of 4 words on the front and numbers on the back.

Red string in the shape of an Octopus

Flexible, but with just enough tension to hold its shape, this string is the ultimate tool for expressing your creativity!

Red sand timer

The pressure is on with a 60-second timer counting down.



Scorepad and pencil

Up to 10 players can record their score. Will you be a Stringamagenius?

4 Stringamajig cards with no words

4 blank cards are included for when you want to add your own twist to the game.

Stringamajig promo cards in a zip-lock bag

Grab the Stringamajig Promo Pack and add 6 new game-themed cards to your deck!