Castle Panic Big Box


For the first time ever, fans can get the base game and all 3 expansions together, plus 7 promo cards and 5 promo towers! All in a collectible box with an organizer insert.

This limited edition big box is the perfect way to introduce new players to the world of Castle Panic.

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To celebrate the 10-year anniversary of Castle Panic, we are proud to offer the Castle Panic Big Box!

Join your friends in a desperate struggle to defend your Castle from a near-endless siege of terrible monsters. Battle Goblins, Orcs, Trolls, Dragons, and more, including Agranok, the Dark Titan!

This Big Box collection includes the base game Castle Panic, plus 3 expansions: The Wizard’s Tower, The Dark Titan, and Engines of War. These sets can be combined in any way you wish for a truly customizable experience. Play with just 1, mix up 2 of them, or even combine all 3 for the ultimate Castle Panic adventure!

Designed by Justin De Witt


  • Castle Panic Contents:
    • 1 Board, 49 Castle cards, 49 Monster cards, 6 Walls, 6 Towers, 1 Tar token, 2 Fortify tokens, 1 die, 6 Order of Play cards, 12 plastic stands.
  • The Wizard’s Tower Contents:
    • 1 Wizard Tower, 1 plastic stand, 10 Castle cards, 22 Wizard cards, 19 Monster tokens, 18 Imp tokens, 6 Harbinger tokens, 6 Mega Boss Monster tokens, 12 Flame tokens, 6 Reference cards, 1 Monster draw bag.
  • The Dark Titan Contents:
    • 1 Agranok token, 5 Agranok cards, 5 Castle cards, 17 Monster tokens, 3 Support tokens, 1 Cavalier token, 1 plastic stand.
  • Engines of War Contents:
    • 1 Keep token, 1 plastic stand, 1 Engineer tile, 1 Task tile, 2 Spring Trap tokens, 2 Pit tokens, 2 Barricade tokens, 1 Catapult token, 1 Ballista token, 16 Resource cards, 11 Monster tokens, 3 Reference cards.
  • 1 Rulebook
  • 7 Promo cards (Feather, Any Color Hero, Crossbow, Jury Rig, Fickle Fortune, All for One, Agranok Level 6)
  • 5 Promo Towers (2015–2019)


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Dimensions 16.5 × 12 × 4 in


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