Kaiju Crush


Kaiju Crush is a light strategy game with limited grid movement, shared objectives, and intransitive combat on a modular board designed by Tim Armstrong and our own Justin De Witt.


Out of Print

Designed by Tim Armstrong & Justin De Witt

1-4 players, Ages 10+ Game time 1 hour


Game Includes

  • 4 Monster Figures and plastic stands
  • 4 Monster Tiles
  • 5 Movement Cards
  • 6 Objective Cards
  • 13 Special Ability Cards
  • 38 City Tiles
  • 80 Territory Markers
    20 Combat Victory Tokens
  • 4 Reference Cards
  • Rulebook


In Kaiju Crush, you play as one of 2 to 4 giant monsters who have descended on the same city to fight for supremacy. On your turn, use either your own Movement Card or a Shared Movement Card to land your Monster on a new City Tile (crushing it). You’ll pick up that City Tile and drop one of your Territory Markers in its place. Both the City Tile and the Territory Marker help you gain points based on the Objective Cards.

Points are also generated by fighting either a Monster on an adjacent space or a Monster occupying a Territory Marker. Each Monster also has their own unique fighting ability as well as Special Abilities that change every game. Winners of either type of battle gain a random Combat Victory Token worth 1 to 3 points. Winners of Territory Battles also replace the current Territory Marker with their own, which may help meet objectives as well as thwart opponents. When no Monster can move, the game is over, and the Monster with the most victory points is supreme!


Each player will play as 1 of these 4 giant monsters with a special fighting ability, shown on the Monster Tile.


You’ll also have a Special Ability that changes every game.


Each City Tile is a building that your kaiju smashes. They are organized into 4 Groups: Commercial, Community, Power, and Transportation and range in value from 1 to 5 points.


Each turn, you’ll have 2 movement options for crushing those buildings.


When you crush a building, you’ll replace it with 1 of your Territory Markers.


Depending on where those Territory Markers land, you’ll be able to meet the public objectives for points.


You can also gain Combat Victory Tokens when you fight opponent kaiju. You’ll pick 1 randomly, which will be worth 1 to 3 points.



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