Check Out the Rules for Engines of War!

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Engines of War Rules

Engines of War, the 3rd expansion to Castle Panic, hits stores in just a few weeks! Here’s your chance to check out the rules and prepare yourself for the next siege of your Castle. Learn how to build and fire Catapults, Ballistas, and deploy Spring Traps. You’ll want to learn about your enemy as well so you can better face the Breathtaker and Shaman. Don’t forget to ready your defenses against the Battering Ram, Siege Tower and War Wagon.

It’s all here, so download a copy now and prepare for battle!

Engines of War Rules

4 thoughts on “Check Out the Rules for Engines of War!

  1. Really looking forward to this new expansion and glad to have a sneak peek in how it will work.

    Reading the rules raises a question though:

    How does the Keep fit into the chain of castle structures attacked by monsters? There are 2 ways I can see it work:

    1. Monsters take out the wall, then the tower in that arc, then would move around the castle, taking out the rest of the towers, but leaving the keep alone.

    2. Monsters take out the wall, then the tower in that arc, then the next structure to fall in that arc is the Keep. So, the Keep has 2 layers of protection, but after those layers is vulnerable in all arcs.

    Thanks again for the preview of this new expansion. Counting down the days to November 23rd. :)

    1. Hi Dragnmuse! Glad to hear you are enjoying our games. If you’ll check pg.9 under Castle Equipment, it says that the Keep does not count as a normal Tower and has no impact on the end of the game. Essentially, that’s like your version 1. with the understanding that if the Keep is the only Tower left, you’ve lost the game.

      1. Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. ;)

        Just need to watch out for boulders and fire then.


        1. Don’t we always though? You’re welcome and good luck!

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