The Village Crone Review Roundup!

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Witches aren’t just for Halloween anymore! Find out why YOU should be playing The Village Crone through recommendations from gamers like you in this Review Roundup for our newest game (released September 30).

Dave Banks at Geek Dad flatters us with his comments on the components and gameplay quality, “I really appreciate Fireside’s devotion to quality, both in gameplay and components. Everything looks and feels top-notch, making for a great gaming experience… …I think Fireside is great at coming up with little twists that affect gameplay positively…”

“The game is easy to learn and play, but offers enough depth to keep players interested,” according to Mike N. over at Nerds of a Feather in his recap of the best games at GenCon.

Caylie Sadin from Nerdy But Flirty fell in love with The Village Crone when she first saw it at GenCon 2015, “The game is really fun to play, the art is beautiful, and the theme is awesome.”

She really likes the thematic use of spell-casting in this one: “One of the mechanics that makes the game super enjoyable is that every time you cast a spell, you have to say the incantation too. It helps players get into the spirit of the game.”

You can check out Caylie’s interview with Anne-Marie De Witt, the designer of The Village Crone, over on the Nerdy but Flirty website.

The Domestic Geek echoes Nerdy but Flirty with her praise, “I can’t get enough of this game.” You can watch Brittany’s Unboxing Video and her Video Review over on her blog or YouTube channel.

village-crone-theology-of-gaming-quoteJeremiah from Theology of Gaming enjoys the thinking aspects of the game:

“The interaction is great, the board is constantly shifting, and there’s a lot of guessing who’s doing what and trying to block them, or at least trying to stop other players from moving the pieces you need out of the ares in which you need them. You’re right, it is very much puzzle-like. And I like that a lot!”

The praise for this game is summed up nicely by Ryan Morgenegg over at Deseret News, “The Village Crone has a great theme and beautiful components.”

There you have it, folks! The Village Crone is a worker placement, resource management game with a puzzle-like quality and continually shifting landscape. Learn more about The Village Crone on our information page and pick up a copy at your Friendly Local Game Store today!

Munchkin Panic – Review Roundup

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It’s been a little over a month since Munchkin Panic hit store shelves across the U.S. and we’ve been awed by the outpouring of support and affection for this game! Thank you so much to everyone who has welcomed our latest game into their homes and onto their game tables.

We’ve been seeing reviews for Munchkin Panic popping up all over from blogs to YouTube and wanted to give those of you still considering this game some resources. We think this game is awesome, but as Levar Burton from Reading Rainbow would say, “you don’t have to take my word for it.”

Tom Vasel of The Dice Tower gave it the Dice Tower Seal of Approval and said, “Munchkin fans will be totally at home here.” You can see his video review on his YouTube channel or the review page over at

Vince, over at Dad’s Gaming Addiction, states “‘Munchkin Panic’ takes the best parts of both games and mashes them together both elegantly and brilliantly.” He gives it a final verdict of 9/10. You can read his review and check out his video at

GeekedupGaming‘s Anna and Tim say, “This game is awesome! Add it to your shelf. And your library, because we all have more than one shelf.” Watch their verdict at 45:57 in their YouTube play-through.

The Post Post Modern Dad blog says, “Many of the elements are similar but the execution is vastly different” when comparing Castle Panic and Munchkin Panic. Then states, “This is a really fun and challenging game, one that really can bring members of the family together.”

Dave Banks of Geek Dad says, “…Munchkin Panic may very well be our go-to cooperative game … as long as I am wearing the Sandals of Protection.”

At, she quotes her 16-year-old son’s review of the game. “My favorite part about this game is that the objective changes throughout the game. One turn you may want to save the castle to rack up more trophies, and the next you’ll want to sabotage the castle to ensure your win.” He pretty much nails the Mini Expansion with this description. He goes on to say, “I also enjoy how creative this game can get… I really enjoyed this game and I would recommend it to my friends.”

Jonathan Nelson of Gaming Bits says Munchkin Panic “mashes up the best parts of Munchkin with Castle Panic… This is a game that fans of both Munchkin and Castle Panic will love.” He gives it an overall 9/10.

Blogcritics‘s Jeff Provine gives Munchkin Panic 95/100, commending it for how it “brings together the best of two exceedingly different systems.”

Board-Game-Brooke calls Munchkin Panic “One of the Best New Board Games of 2014”. She provides an excellent overview of the changes made to Munchkin Panic from the original inspiration games. She says, “the changes to the game make it more complex and more challenging, plus add some visual and verbal whimsy to the play… I highly recommend the game to anyone who enjoys the concept of Castle Panic and the wacky aesthetics of Munchkin.”

If you’ve been wondering how Munchkin Panic is different from Castle Panic, we recommend checking out Board-Game-Brooke‘s review, as well as checking out our video on the differences, and our blog about all the Panic Line games.

We hope this roundup of the reviews for Munchkin Panic has saved you some internet search time so you get back to playing games. Let us know what you think of the game in the comments section.

Have you written a review for Munchkin Panic or another of our games? Please email us your information for possible inclusion in future roundups.