Bears! Trail Mix’d Now Open for Pre-Order

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Summer is approaching, and with it family gatherings and camping trips. What better way to add some extra fun to your outdoor adventures than with a portable, fun, family game?

Our popular fast-paced, dice-pairing game Bears! is getting a brand new expansion in June and it is now available for pre-order!

Bears! Trail Mix’d introduces a new die with six new faces, each triggering a new scoring rule/strategy for each round of the game. Add this to your existing copy of Bears! to really shake things up and test your speed and decision-making in the heat of the moment.

Bears! and Bears! Trail Mix’d are easy to teach your non-gaming friends and family. Fast play time keeps everyone engaged and gets even the shyest member of the family shouting “Bears!” at the end of a round.

For more information on Bears! Trail Mix’d visit our information page and watch the How to Play video.

Ask at your local game store or you can pre-order on our website. It officially releases in store June 24, but we will have a limited number of advance copies for sale at Origins Game Fair in Columbus, OH on June 4–7. Visit us in booth #839 to pick up a copy and a special new promo for Bears!

2 thoughts on “Bears! Trail Mix’d Now Open for Pre-Order

  1. Bought the BEARS expansion at Origins and have a question about the rules for one of the die faces. In the rules it said for the “Lock n’ Roll” icon, that all players must make a least one pair on every roll. o what happens when one player doesn’t? Does that particluar plaer just stop or does the whole round stop?

    1. Players are not required to re-roll their unpaired dice. A player may choose to make as many pairs as they can with each roll, they are just required to make at least one pair each time they roll. All players that make a pair are allowed to continue on and re-roll their unpaired dice if they wish. If a player chooses to not make a pair, they are not allowed to re-roll and will just have to wait out the round while the other players continue to roll and pair.

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