Castle Panic Deluxe Collection Ends!

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The Castle Panic Deluxe Collection campaign has ended. It’s been an amazing adventure on Kickstarter, and we are so glad to have gone on this journey with all of you. We’re very excited to bring this collector’s edition of Castle Panic and all the expansions to the tables of fans everywhere!

What’s Next?

Now that the campaign is over, we will switch our focus to finishing up the final touches before we go to production. We will be posting updates on the campaign page on Kickstarter, as well as on social media. These updates will include final graphics and minis for the new Crowns and Quests expansion, so stay tuned! We are expecting the games to be delivered to backers around the world by May of 2022.

Oh no, I missed it!

Not to worry! Late Pledges are now open and you can get there through this link. The Pledge Manager surveys will go out towards the end of June. Once the Pledge Manager opens you will be able to confirm you address as well as upgrade your pledge or include any add-ons you would like. This step will be necessary in order to complete your purchase, so keep an eye out for those surveys.


We will have copies of the Deluxe Collection for sale on our website and at conventions after the game fulfills, but they will be in extremely limited quantities. The best way to make sure you don’t miss out is to back the game now.

Thank you for your help in creating this amazing piece of Castle Panic history!