Castle Panic

Castle Panic is a cooperative tower defense board game for 1 to 6 players. The co-op element makes Castle Panic a great family game, and the perfect kick-off for your weekly game night.

You must work together to defend your Castle, in the center of the board, from Monsters that attack out of the forest, at the edges of the board. Trade cards, hit and slay Monsters, and plan strategies together to keep your Castle towers intact.

Win or lose as a team, but only the player with the most victory points is declared the Master Slayer. Players must balance the survival of the group with their own desire to win.

Game Info

Designed by Justin De Witt

castle panic number of players 1 to 6, player ages 10 and up, time to play 1 hour

Awards and Accolades

Casual Game Insider Award
Dice Tower Seal of Approval
2011 Geek Dad Golden Bot Award


Expansions take you deeper into the world of Castle Panic, by adding new monsters and new defenses to the core game.

The Wizard's Tower Box
The Dark Titan
Engines of War cover flat

How to Play

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More Ways to Learn How to Play

Download a copy of the RULES for Castle Panic (1.4 Mb PDF)

Read the Castle Panic FAQs

Download Dutch versions of the Rules (1.8 Mb PDF) and Alternate Rules (218 kb PDF) (special thanks to Christophe Mannaert)

Game Includes

  • Game board
  • Rule book
  • 1 Die
  • 1 Tar token
  • 6 Walls
  • 6 Towers
  • 2 Fortify tokens
  • 49 Castle cards
  • 49 Monster tokens
  • 6 Order of Play cards
  • 12 Plastic Stands

About the Game


The board’s Rings, Colors, and numbered Arcs help players decide which cards to play each turn.


Protect the Walls and Towers of the Castle from the Monsters.


Monster tokens include Monsters of varying strengths and other nasty surprises.


Cards, such as Archers, Knights, and Swordsmen, help you slay the Monsters.


Accessories and Promos

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