Munchkin Panic Live Q&A!

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Join Steve Jackson Games and Munchkin Panic designers Justin and Anne-Marie De Witt from Fireside Games on Facebook Live this Thursday, 5/4, at 5:30 p.m. Central time for a Q&A about the game! We’ll also be giving out a copy of Munchkin Panic, signed by Steve Jackson!

Here’s your chance to ask us all those burning Munchkin Panic questions you’ve been storing up! You have been storing your burning questions haven’t you? Ask your questions with the tag #AskFireside and we’ll pick the best to answer on stream! Tune in to the SJ Games Facebook page for the live stream!

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Critical Condition Interview

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Critical Condition

Critical Condition logoWhile it’s always fun to sit down and talk with somebody about our hobby, some interviews are just more fun than others.

A few weeks ago, Justin sat down with Jeffery from the Critical Condition Podcast and this was definitely one of the fun ones.

If you’ve ever wondered how Fireside Games got started or what games Justin wishes he could design, this is the podcast for you.

In addition, they discuss some interesting tidbits about the nature of the hobby game industry, cooperative vs. competitive game design, and even get into the history of Bloodsuckers!

Give your ears a treat and take a listen HERE.

The Cardboard Vault Reveals Secrets About The Dark Titan

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At BGG.Con 2014, Anne-Marie & Justin sat down with Phoebe Wild from The Cardboard Vault to discuss Munchkin Panic and the just-announced Castle Panic expansion The Dark Titan.

Phoebe catches Justin in a sharing mood and gets him to reveal some secrets about The Dark Titan.

In the video interview Justin gives more detail on how the new Support Tokens work and what some of the new Monsters bring to the game. He also shares some info on how Agranok’s adjustable levels of difficulty work, giving you control over how hard you have to play.

Attention then turned to Munchkin Panic. Anne-Marie explains how Munchkin Panic upends the expectations of Castle Panic players, adding Treasure and Backstabbing to the familiar cooperative style of play.

She goes over how a turn plays out and some of the variations in how you slay Monsters by using Treasure cards and how you use Curses to boost your advantage over the other players. You’ll want to watch this video if you still aren’t quite clear on how the games differ as it gets to the heart of why Munchkin Panic is such fun and how it offers you a new play experience.

Check out The Cardboard Vault’s YouTube Channel for loads of interesting videos from BGG.Con 2014 about all your favorite games.

Bags and Boards Interviews Anne-Marie & Justin About New and Future Games

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Anne-Marie and Justin sat down with Lance McFarlin of Bags and Boards on KXTR Radio 100.7 out of Stephenville, TX to talk about gaming, BGG.Con, and Halloween costumes.

It’s a fun conversation covering topics from design challenges for mixing two hit games into a new game (Munchkin Panic) to how to juggle new game development while keeping up with the demand for current games (Castle Panic) and their expansions.

Want to know what’s coming in 2015 from Fireside Games? Justin and Anne-Marie drop a few hints in this interview, so pay attention for a little advance teaser!

You can also check out Bags and Boards’s Munchkin Panic review that aired a few days prior to this interview.

Get more board game news with the Bags and Boards crew by tuning in to “Listen Live” Wednesdays @ 6 PM CST at or on TuneIn Radio.

Board with Life Interview

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Back in March when we attended T.A.B.L.E. we had the chance to sit down with Donald from Board with Life. We talked about game design, our influences, what got us started, how we created Dead Panic and Munchkin Panic and embroidering. That’s right embroidering. It’s a great interview and a fun chance to peek behind the curtain and see how our brains work.

Wishes Toys, Books & Games

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Our second to last store visit of the tour was to Wishes in the Everett Mall. Wishes is a fun store that features a wide variety of merchandise. Just like their name says, they feature a lot of toys and a great selection of books, graphic and otherwise!

The game section is great, which isn’t surprising when you realize the store is run by Lauren Coleman, who also runs Catalyst Game Labs. We had a great time comparing notes, sharing industry insights, and talking about favorite T.V. shows with Lauren. We even filmed a short interview with him, which you can check out below.

Nerds-Feather Interview is Up!

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Justin was recently interviewed (via email) by Michael Newhouse-Bailey over at Nerds of a Feather, Flock Together. He asked some great questions about the history of Fireside, our design style, and the nature of play. Of course they talk a little bit about Dead Panic as well.

The interview is now up and you can check it out at:

Interview with George Bell

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While we were at Specialties Games, Toys & Gifts in San Angelo last weekend we took a few minutes to talk with the owner George Bell. We talked about his store, the history of it and what it’s like being the only real game store in a small town. It’s a fun discussion about a fun store and it’s right here for your viewing pleasure.

Specialties Games, Toys & Gifts

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Our visit to Specialties Games, Toys, and Gifts in San Angelo last Saturday was really fun. San Angelo is a small town located in west Texas that’s mostly known for Goodfellow Air Force Base and Angelo State University. We had heard about Specialties from other gamers that used to live in the area and had recommended that we check out the store. They were right.

George Bell and his wife, Linda, have built a really great store that not only caters to gamers and their families but to anyone looking for quality, cool toys and games that can’t be found on the shelves of the giant big box stores.

We were immediately treated to a warm welcome when we walked into the store. George had been anticipating our visit and a bunch of local gamers were excitedly waiting for us to arrive. We visited with everyone for a while and then got down to some gaming! Some of the gamers were already fans of Castle Panic and Bears! and were eager to try out Bloodsuckers for the first time. We started up a vicious vampire battle and before you knew it, we had new fans. As new players arrived at the store, we introduced them to Bears!, taught them how to defend a castle from Orcs, and how to cast spells in The Wizard’s Tower. We even signed several copies of our games for happy gamers.

The Bears! tournament was an epic close finish and left many players retelling the story of their final pairings. Check out the video for a fun look at this unique store and all the fun we had. Speaking of videos, local blogger Rick Perez from Let’s Level Up! joined us for some gaming and later in the day we spent a few minutes together in front of the camera giving him a quick interview about our tour and future plans. We’ll have a link to that video posted soon.

When we finally ended the night, we said goodbye to our new friends and headed out to a yummy dinner at the Cork and Pig Tavern. We had a great time in San Angelo, and we’ll definitely come back to this big, little town that was so darn friendly. From here, we’re off to Lubbock, where we’ll be at Mad Hatter’s House of Games on Saturday, June 29th, starting at 7:00p.m.

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